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I have tons to tell you today!

First, I have a new release. DESPERATE IN DELAWARE is part of the Yours Truly: The Lovelorn series. In this one, Mina Faye Stapleton leaves Delaware for Palo Pinto, Texas. Not coincidentally, Palo Pinto is not that far from me. The county historical society has wonderful county tours each year. Hero and I attended several and loved them.

Here’s the blurb for DESPERATE IN DELAWARE:

I will wait no longer! Since my parents’ death I’ve been living with my sister’s family. I help care for her home and her adorable children. But, when will I have my own husband and children? There is not even one eligible man near my age in our small town. I hear the snickers and hurtful remarks—old maid, spinster, on the shelf. My cousin sent me an invitation to visit her and included a newspaper clipping from a Yours Truly: The Lovelorn’s column. Imagine my surprise when the letter to the columnist read as if I had written it. I’ll do it—I’ll follow the Lovelorn’s advice. I’m heading for Texas to stay with my cousin. I refuse to watch my life disappear until I’m left with only regrets!

The Universal Amazon Link is https://mybook.to/Mina

There’s so much more!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Christmas in July from July 1-31. I have two books in this collection of all sweet, clean Christmas stories, each is only 99 cents. Snap up some cool reading at this bargain price. My western historicals are WINTER WISH and MISTLETOE MISTAKE.

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A group of books of all heat levels is Romantic Fireworks in July from July 1-31. 

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A wonderful collection in which I’m proud to be included is the Angel Creek Christmas Brides series. My book this years is MEG and it’s on preorder now for release December 18. Think that’s too far in advance? Not at all. Preorder it now and then when you’re busy later it will magically pop up on your e-reader. Well, maybe it’s not really magic, but it seems like it is.


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Seeking adventure, shy Kitty Greenlee joins the Women's Army Corps. In 1944 England, as secretarial support to the 8th Air Force, she encounters her dream man, a handsome lieutenant who only has eyes for her blonde friend. Uncomfortable around men, Kitty doesn't think the handsome officer could want someone like her.

Recovering from wounds, Ted Kruger wants to forget about losing his closest friends and have fun before returning to danger as a bomber navigator. When Ted recognizes Kitty as the girl who rescued him two years before, he must choose between dating the sexy blonde or pursuing quiet, serious-minded Kitty even though he knows he's not nearly good enough for her.

As the war gears up with the D-Day invasion, will Kitty and Ted risk their hearts as well as their lives?

Read an Excerpt

“Starting Initial Point,” the pilot announced. “McGill take over.”

No dodging it now. The bombardier took the controls for the bomb run.

Seconds ticked away. Ted’s gloved hand clenched the pencil. He forced himself to relax before he broke another one. He couldn’t plot their course on the map without a pencil.

The aircraft reeled from explosions nearby. The bumpy ride made him think of an old truck driving at top speed over a rutted, muddy road in the middle of the night. Unable to dodge the holes, even though he knew they were filled with dynamite. Unable to stop. Just straight ahead until he blew up.

Come on, Come on. Get it over with and get out of here.

“Bombs away.” The beautiful, gorgeous words came through the intercom. The plane lurched upward at the loss of its heavy load. He let out a sigh.

“I’ve got it,” Rollins announced. The pilot took back the controls and maneuvered away from the drop zone.

Ted marked the spot on the map and started his calculations for the return leg.

“Hang on. We’re in the middle of it,” the pilot warned only an instant before an explosion jarred through them.

The plane bounced and shook.

Then another, louder bang.

Ted’s seat collapsed, tossing him to the floor. His head hit something.

Blackness alternated with blurry, bright light.

Fiery pain burned through his thigh. His hand searched for the wound. He gasped for air. His oxygen tube must have pulled loose.

Someone hovered over him. “Kruger’s hit.” It was McGill’s voice. Clutching his tightening throat, Ted watched as Mac stuck the tube of a walk-around bottle into Ted’s mask.

About the Author

Barbara Whitaker, Author
Barbara Whitaker grew up in a small town in Tennessee where the repeated stories of local and family history became embedded in her psyche. Fascinating tales of wartime, from her parents and her in-laws, instilled an insatiable curiosity about World War II. After retiring from her sensible career in accounting, she began full time pursuit of her lifelong love of historical romantic fiction. Enjoying every minute of research, Barbara spends hours reading, watching old, black-and-white movies and listening to big band music.
Although Barbara and her husband have been longtime residents of Florida, they both still think of Tennessee as "home." Visit Barbara's website at http://barbarawhitaker.com. Or find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraWhitakerAuthor.

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Taming Lily 
MacLeods of Skye Book 4 
JR Salisbury 
Genre: Historical Scottish Romance 

Lady Lily MacLeod has had enough of her oldest brother's meddling. While in London, Rory MacLeod, duke of Skye has promised his sister to an earl who is twice her age in hopes of taming his unruly sister. An arranged marriage where husbands view their wives as simply a broodmare in hopes of producing an heir. In a desperate attempt to avoid her fate, Lily flees and finds herself hiding on a train bound for Edinburgh.
Tobias Campbell, duke of Aberdeen is unsure what to make of the filthy stowaway found hiding on his rail car. Part of the well crafted tale she tells rings true, but Tobias is certain the chit has secrets. Secrets he intends to uncover.
In spite of being betrothed to another, the usually meticulously organized duke finds himself extending his protection to his houseguest. The last thing he expected to was to fall madly in love with the beautiful and mysterious lady.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and Lily and Tobias aren't the only ones caught up in this battle of strong wills and love. 

**On Sale for only .99 cents!!** 

Lord Malcolm's Heart 
MacLeods of Sky Book 3 

Having completed his family obligations, Malcolm MacLeod finds himself in Paris for a long awaited holiday. Parties, theater, cards, and of course women are in his sights for the coming weeks. What he doesn't expect is to run into a neighbor from Skye who is traveling with his red haired, temptress of a niece. Mac immediately finds he attraction far stronger than simple lust.
Sorcha MacDonald, the niece of Ivan and Ian MacDonald. Born and bred in America to their late brother, William, Sorcha has more on her plate than accompanying her ailing uncle throughout the continent. She must find a husband - quickly per the terms of her father's will, or forfeit her inheritance. The moment Sorcha lays eyes on Mac, she knows she's found her heart.
As in all love stories, there is a twist...Malcolm's two younger brother's Tavish and Kentgem. The pair have their own scheme to ensure the MacDonald fortune will become theirs. Or will it? 

The Sins of Rory MacLeod 
MacLeods of Skye Book 2 

A riveting tale of family, love, and betrayal.
Left jilted at the altar by his bride, Rory MacLeod, the Duke of Skye and chief of the MacLeod clan finds himself becoming the subject of unsavory gossip.
Marriage to a respectable young lady of impeccable breeding is the only way Rory can hope to silence the gossips.
Licking his wounds, he returns to London for the upcoming session of Parliament and Season. He brings with him his sister Lily. It will be her first season and one which Rory intends to find a bride of his own. He doesn't have to look far.
Victoria, the Duke of Hargrove's daughter, catches more than his eye the moment he meets her. She is everything his duchess needs to be. She is smart, beautiful and devoted to Rory. Not even his darkest secret can sway her.
The bliss of married life is ripped apart by betrayal of the worst kind. His sister is kidnapped and forced into a marriage with only one purpose. Money. Even worse is who is behind it all.
With his own reputation and that of his family and clan at stake, Rory must carefully negotiate his sister's return without the world finding out about his secret. Not only could it bring shame to everyone he holds dear, it would mean his ruination and worse. 

Donnan's Rose 
MacLeods of Skye Book 1 

A Scottish tale of privateers, whiskey, handsome men in kilts, family, and the fiery young woman who dared to love a MacLeod.
As the fourth MacLeod son, Donnan MacLeod does not have to take on the responsibilities his older siblings do. He is free to keep his business private. As a privateer, he sails the channel looking for smugglers. Very elite smugglers.
It's not until he returns to Skye for his mother's birthday that Donnan begins to lose control of his life. And it's all because of a woman, the one woman he's loved since childhood. The woman he desires above all others - that is, should he ever think of taking a wife.
Rosalind, strong willed and opinionated far more than most, is determined to find out what Donnan is hiding. Never before had they kept things from each other, but Rosalind is convinced he's keeping something huge from her.
Everything changes in the blink of an eye.
Stowing away in the back of Donnan's coach, Rosalind changes their lives forever. The adventure begins... 

**Get it FREE!!** 

J R Salisbury, Author

I've always been a creative individual. Writing is just a facet of that creativity...

My careers in public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, artist management, modeling and special event planning all elevated my passion for writing, not to mention gave me a treasure trove for story lines. 

I write women's fiction; contemporary romance (as Jamie Salisbury) and historical romance (as JR Salisbury) which is ever evolving. I am fortunate enough that writing (and marketing of said product(s)) is my full-time job, although I always have one or two other projects going at the same time.

I now live in a suburb of Atlanta. Some of my other interests include photography, equestrianism, reading, and of course, travel.

I sincerely hope my writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick up the pen and pursue their own dreams. I love to be contacted by readers, writers, and history buffs. 

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Magical Misfits Mystery, Book 1
(Cozy) Mystery
Lina Hansen

Date Published: 1 July 2020
Publisher: Literary Wanderlust, Denver, Colorado

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Myrtle’s aunt is dead—murdered—and she has inherited the Witch’s Retreat, a Bed and Breakfast in the idyllic village of Avebury. Filled with outrageous characters, the old house hides a mystery under its eaves. Everybody is a suspect: Alan, the blue-eyed police constable; Chris, the proverbial dark and handsome stranger; Myrtle’s curvy cousin Daisy; and even Tiddles, the flatulent cat. As Myrtle takes on the mantle of amateur sleuth, she bumbles along in search of answers, digging deeper and deeper among the tangled roots of her family’s history. The secrets she uncovers are more shocking than death: a hidden magical relic, a coven of amateur witches eager to gather her into the fold, and modern witch hunters on the prowl.

About the Author

LINA HANSEN has been a freelance travel journalist, teacher, bellydancer, postal clerk and science communication specialist stranded in the space sector. Numbed by factoid technical texts, she set out to write the stories she loves to read— cozy and romantic mysteries with a dollop of humour and a magical twist. After living and working in the UK, Lina, her husband, and their feline companion now share a home in the foothills of Castle Frankenstein. Lina is a double Watty Award Winner, Featured Author, and a Wattpad Star.

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To Heal a Heart 
The Masonville Series Book 2 
Jana Richards 
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance 

Two souls in pain, two hearts in need of rescue. 

Garrett Saunders' world changed two years ago on a road in Afghanistan. Back home, he feels like a stranger. As he struggles to find his place in the world, he meets a horse destined for the slaughterhouse and a woman bent on rescuing the strays of the world, including him. 

Blair Greyson moves to Masonville to look after her ailing grandfather and give her rescue horses a home. Right away she butts heads with a surly former Marine. Despite a rocky start, they come to an agreement: Blair will board Garrett's rescue horse and he'll help with repairs around her farm. 

Garrett finds purpose working with Blair—and falls in love with her. But she's hiding a secret. Can she forgive herself and accept Garrett's love, or will she let guilt and regret continue to rule her life? 

He pushed himself to his feet, disconcerted by his unsteadiness. He made a few halting steps toward the gate as Blair ran into the yard.

“I forgot my sweater,” she said, grabbing the garment from the back of a chair and slipping it on. “It’s cooler than I thought. Are you sure you don’t want to watch the fireworks with us?”

“No, I—”

His words were cut off by a loud explosion, and his only thought was that he had to protect Blair. He grabbed her and threw her to the ground, covering her body with his. He was under attack. Why was Blair in Afghanistan? How could he keep her safe?

Through the chaos and noise he heard her muffled voice beneath him. “Garrett, you’re crushing me.”

He shifted his weight slightly. “Shh. I’m sorry. You have to stay down and quiet. I can’t let them hurt you.”

She stopped struggling. “Who’s going to hurt me?”

“Can’t you hear the mortar fire? I have to protect you.”

Her hand rubbed his back in gentle circles. “It’s all right, Garrett. It’s only fireworks. It can’t hurt us. We’re safe here.”

He lifted his head and looked around. He was in Cole and Lauren’s back yard in Masonville. There were no bombs, no shelling, no Taliban. He looked down into Blair’s face, into the pity in her eyes. He rolled off her, disgusted with himself.

Disgusted and scared. He was losing his mind.

Child of Mine 
The Masonville Series Book 1 
Jana Richards 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Is Lauren’s love for Cole stronger than her fear of scandal in her hometown? 

Lauren didn't intend to sleep with her brother-in-law Cole on the day of her husband's funeral. But now that she is pregnant, she's not sorry. Cole's given her a baby, a long-wished-for miracle. He's been her friend forever, though she never told him or anyone else how unhappy her marriage to his cheating brother was. And she's afraid to tell the small town that considered her husband a hero that the baby isn't his. 

Cole's been in love with Lauren since he was sixteen. It kills him that everyone believes the baby is his dead brother's. All he wants is to claim the baby, and Lauren, as his own. Though she marries him, will Lauren's heart ever be his? 

Lauren must tell the truth or risk losing Cole. Is her newly-discovered love for him greater than her fear of scandal in her hometown? 

Jana Richards, Author

When Jana Richards read her first romance novel, she immediately knew two things: she had to commit the stories running through her head to paper, and they had to end with a happily ever after. She also knew she’d found what she was meant to do. Since then she’s never met a romance genre she didn’t like. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and historical romance set in World War Two, in lengths ranging from short story to full length novel. Just for fun, she throws in generous helpings of humor, and the occasional dash of the paranormal. Her paranormal romantic suspense “Seeing Things” was a 2008 EPPIE finalist. 

In her life away from writing, Jana is an accountant/admin assistant, a mother to two grown daughters, and a wife to her husband Warren. She enjoys golf, yoga, movies, concerts, travel and reading, not necessarily in that order. She and her husband live in Winnipeg, Canada. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at www.janarichards.com

$25 Amazon gift card, and copies of some of my self-published books. 

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Kathleen Lawless is very excited by the launch of her first ever Mail Order Bride Book, MAIL ORDER OLIVIA.

About the Book

Who to believe?

Olivia thought Robert was dead. A year-and-a-half later and newly widowed, she comes across Robert's ad for a mail-order bride. Seeking his protection for herself and her daughter, she goes after the truth, and gets more than she bargained for.

Robert believed Olivia never wanted to see him again, and is finally ready to move on from the heartbreak. When Olivia shows up claiming to be his mail-order bride, the sight of her brings back all the pain of losing her the first time. Seeing her with another man's child adds salt to the wound.

Can this couple move past the pain and betrayal to find new happiness?


            Robert Fulsom paced the train platform in Yuma, practicing what he would say to his mail-order bride when she arrived.  Sorry for dragging her across the country didn’t seem adequate.  He had to make sure she realized it was nothing to do with her—it was him.  He simply wasn’t ready to take on a wife.
            He glanced again at the telegram in his hand.  Olive Brown.  He had no idea what she looked like, but even her name sounded drab, poor thing.  He’d heard many of these mail-order brides were either homely or plump, forced to marry a stranger sight-unseen because they had no suitors back east.  He had to tactfully ensure she didn’t think he was rejecting her because of her appearance. 
            In the cramped train seat, Olivia cradled her sleeping daughter to her chest, grateful for the respite after more than a week of trying to keep Chloe entertained, when all the little bundle of energy wanted to do was crawl around and try to walk.  At thirteen months, Olivia expected Chloe would be taking her first step any day. 
            She deliberately hadn’t used her real name in her telegram to Robert. At first, she’d been overjoyed to learn he wasn’t dead as she’d been led to believe.  Then doubt set in.  Why had he not returned for her as promised?  And why was his ad for a bride tucked into a coat pocket of her deceased husband?

Kathleen Lawless, Author

Kathleen Lawless blames a misspent youth watching Rawhide, Maverick and Bonanza for her fascination with cowboys.  Historical or contemporary, cowboys continue to resonate with her today. 
With close to 30 published novels to her credit, she enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional romance into historical romance, romantic suspense, women's fiction, and stories for young adults.

Sign up for Kathleen’s VIP reader newsletter to receive updates, special giveaways and fan-priced offers.    http://eepurl.com/bV0sb1

Website:  www.kathleenlawless.com

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/kathleenlawless

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kathleenlawlessnovels/

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/kathleenlawless/

Blog:  http://www.romancegems.blogspot.com

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The Sound of Love
Senses of Love Book 1
Kyle Shoop 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

"Words that can't be spoken can still be sung." 

Experience the compelling, heart warming romance of Charlotte and John as they express thru music what can't be said in words. 

Charlotte and John grew up as young orphans in the secluded outskirts of a rural town. Each day, they’d sneak out to the nearby forest to escape the cold grasp of the orphanage’s tyrant-ruler. However, the safety that came from their friendship was suddenly ripped apart when they got caught. 

Years later, Charlotte conquered the marketing world in downtown Portland. Having gained normalcy in her life since her days in the orphanage, Charlotte never expected her world to be turned upside down by John abruptly being thrust back into her life. 

But the years since the orphanage had not at all been kind to John, leaving him unable to open up to Charlotte about the details. Can John’s love for songwriting be the key to finally opening up? 

Would the reunited friends discover that John's rekindled love for music also rekindle their long-awaited, and much desired, love? 


The image was seared into her mind, and the internal pull toward the square’s corner intensified. She had never before seen a homeless child – on any street, let alone at Pioneer Square.

It wasn’t the shock of seeing the child that struck a chord most with Charlotte. Rather, it was an image in her mind that she couldn’t escape. Flooding into her mind was the unwelcome memory of herself being homeless on a corner at the same young age. Nothing could ever block the memory of sitting shivering in the snow with no hope for the future – let alone each passing minute that made her more terrified of what the deathly cold evening on the street corner would bring. Five years old was too young for a girl to be put in that situation –unless it was what the scoffing desires of fate craved. But then it happened. A simple act by a stranger. The act was so simple that even the stranger probably wouldn’t remember it all these years later. But it meant the world to her. Indeed, it gave Charlotte the world, as without the grace of that stranger while she was so young, Charlotte knew that she would have been left braving the night on a cold, snowy street corner just like the child before her eyes now. Without the act of that stranger, the cold grip of entropy would have surely sealed her fate so long ago.

The image looming large in Charlotte’s mind suddenly became reality when it was interrupted by a car horn behind her. Charlotte looked up to see that the light had now turned green. Panic unexpectedly set in. She didn’t want to leave this situation, but also didn’t want to make a decision that could somehow be contrary to the trajectory she had chosen, and worked so hard for in life. In an instant, she was conflicted. She didn’t want to do something to allow fate to know that she
recognized she was cheating it. But at the same time, she did not want the young child to never receive that same simple act from a stranger.

With the blare of another horn from behind her, the whim of Charlotte’s stronger instinct won. She owed that stranger from long ago her life, and tonight she was going to repay that debt. She quickly pulled to the shoulder of the road right next to the cold street corner on which the child lay.

She decided to give the child her warm coat. That was it. Charlotte felt guilty for it not being an act of the same magnitude which the stranger did for her so long ago, but she justified her decision of giving the coat as being all that would be needed for tonight. Then, if she still saw the child on the street the next night, she might decide to do what the stranger had done for her. Besides, this child wasn’t alone out there like she was all those years ago. An adult was with this child. Her situation was different than this child’s.

“It’s just a coat. That’s all.” Charlotte actually said out loud to herself as she got out of her car and into the frigid night air. At the moment she realized she said the words aloud, Charlotte was instantly angry at herself. Not for the decision she was making to give the child the adult-sized warm winter coat she was wearing. Instead, she was mad that, for the first time in a long time, she had actually verbalized the internal struggle she had with fate. And now fate could hear that she knew it existed.

But she had made the decision. Charlotte was going to do something to help the child. If she changed her mind now, then fate would know it had leverage over her. Charlotte was not about to let that happen.

She approached the street corner, with the intent to make this a quick transaction. But as she approached the child and the adult, Charlotte instantly knew her plan wasn’t going to work out. The scene was not at all as she imagined. Quicker and quicker her mind raced in a panic as she tried to figure out what to do on this deathly-cold night.

"I adored every second of this sweet, heartwarming story." - Amazon Reviewer 

This book includes a free music soundtrack that can be listened to while reading along the lyrics contained in the story. The songs were written and recorded by the author, providing a unique way to experience this compelling romance novel. 

Kyle Shoop is a multi-genre author of compelling stories. His new "Senses of Love" series is a romance series that provides rewarding and inspirational stories.

Kyle is also the author of the Acea Bishop Trilogy, which is an action-packed fantasy series. All books in that series are now available, with Acea and the Animal Kingdom being the first book.

At a young age, Kyle was recognized for his storytelling by being awarded the first-place Gold Key award for fiction writing in Washington State. After spending several years volunteering in his wife's elementary classrooms, he was inspired to write the Acea Bishop Trilogy. He is now motivated to finish his the new romance series. In addition to writing novels, Kyle is also a practicing attorney. 

Kyle and is wife and two children are currently living in Utah.

$10 Amazon 

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