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To Love an Earl
Mayfair Book 3
J R Salisbury

Genre: Historical Romance

One of the worst snow storms in over a decade hits England. What's the
worst that could happen?

Lady Jane Blackmont finds herself stranded at the Earl of Norwood's
estate. Not looking for love of any fashion, she finds herself
falling for a neighbor and one of her brother's friends.
The Earl of Norwood rescues the young woman after her carriage careens
off the road. Right in front of his estate. Norwood's been unlucky in
love, but finds himself intrigued with the smart and talented Lady
Jane. Does he dare open himself up to love?
Life is about to hand the pair more than most young couples have to deal
with in a lifetime. Lady Jane shows Norwood she's up to the

"Why did my brother pick now for one of his reckless parties?" Lady Jane Blackmont asked.

"You know he needs no reason for what he does," Sara said.


"He's a duke, my lady. He needs no reason. The rest of the world is supposed to kowtow to his whims."

"Apparently I'm supposed to play hostess for him. Why he had to pick now is beyond me. Surely he knows there's a storm brewing." Jane's stomach churned as the carriage kept on. "What are we to do if we don't find a coaching inn? Or worse yet, get stuck on the side of the road?"

"I'm sure none of that will happen. We'll reach Blackmont Crest before you know it," her maid said.

"Thanks for your reassurance."

What should have been a four hour carriage ride had turned into seven. Dusk was fast approaching, and they needed to get off the roads.

She pulled back the curtains that had been closed to keep the cold out. "We're almost there," she said.

"How long will we be here?" Sara inquired.

"A fortnight, Henry said."

Jane had never been away in this sort of weather. Her father would have never allowed it. He was gone, the dukedom left to her older brother, who thought everyone's life revolved around him.

"Do you know who's going to be at this house party?" Sara asked.

"His usual friends I'm sure. His letter stated he'd run into an old friend from Eton recently. I don't remember his name, nor do I care. All of Henry's friend's are rogues in some fashion."

"You never have been one to say no to His Grace, my lady."

Henry was one of her weak spots. He knew it and took full advantage of it now that there was only the two of them. Their parents had been killed in a freak carriage accident five years earlier, leaving Henry with the dukedom and Jane his faithful sister. Until he found a woman to marry, he needed someone to keep some edge of sanity to his ways. At least until he found his duchess to marry. If that'd ever happen.

"I know, but until he finds a wife, someone needs to see he doesn't go to hell."

"There must be some ladies of fine breeding attending if he's asking you to attend," Jane said.

"Who will be attending with their parents, I would hope."

"His Grace would never invite you to one of his stag parties," Sara mused.

Jane released a nervous laugh. "He'll not hear the end of it if he ever invites me to one of those."


Jane was about to close the curtain when one of the horses spooked. The carriage careened over the road. Ice had set in. Could the driver regain control of the team before something awful happened? She tried to breathe and forget how her parents had died. It couldn't happen to her. Jane looked across at Sara, whose face had gone stark white. She was scared beyond words as the carriage swayed, tumbling and landing on its side. She was the last person Jane saw before everything went black.


Jane didn't think she'd fainted. She looked around. Everything was covered in white snow, but the white was looking black as night. She felt in front of her and thought she felt the skirt of the dress Sara had been wearing.

It was silent. Everything was silent. No sound of the horses or the coachman. They were situated on the side of the carriage, that much she knew. The door was above her. She needed to get out and get out quickly.
She managed to stand, and with fumbling hands, she managed to get the door open. Now how would she get herself out? She heard nothing except the sound of Sara's breathing.

"Sara! Sara! Are you all right?"

"Yes, my lady. I think I am fine," came the faint reply.

"Do you think you can help lift me up?"

She heard rustling of fabric as her maid tried to reposition herself. "We're going to freeze to death if we don't get out of here," Sara wailed.

"Which is why I need you to help me up. I'm sure William is chasing the team."

As Sara began lifting Jane up through the door of the carriage, Jane noticed a large man standing in silhouette. He had dismounted his stallion and was shaking his head.

"What happened, my lady?"

"I'm not sure. The last thing I remember is one of the horses being spooked and the carriage sliding across the road."

"Are you hurt?" he asked.

"I don't believe so. My maid is still inside. We need to get her out."

He shook his head. "You ladies have no business being out alone in weather like this."

"If you must know, we were on our way to my brother's estate."

"Who's your brother, if I might ask?" he rumbled.

"Henry Blackmont, the Duke of Blackmont."

"Henry's your brother? Well, don't fret. You're not but a few miles from his estate. Though in this storm, you ladies will be better off coming with me. I'm Norwood. My place is just down this road."

Jane stood and stared at him in the falling snow. "Norwood. The Earl of Norwood? I remember you."

"My man and I will help your maid out of the carriage. We'll get you to Norwood Manor. You can spend the night. My man will try and find your man and team, though in this snow, I doubt they'll go far."

Jane pondered her limited options. She knew she had no choice but to go with the earl. "Thank you, my lord," Jane replied.

"As for the carriage, I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done until this storm subsides."

"Can you get word to my brother? I would hate for him to worry needlessly."

"I'll see it is done, though it might have to wait until morning."

She stared at him thoughtfully. It'd been years since she'd seen him. His face was almost unrecognizable. With a hint of a beard, his jaw was chiseled. The beard, she surmised, made him look rugged.

Annoyed and cold, she helped him as he sprung Sara free from the carnage. She remembered why she never cared for him. He was an arrogant arse. Arrogant, condescending, and sanctimonious. That's what he was. What was it about young men who claimed their titles? They were all the same. Her brother, Norwood. It was enough to make her want to scream.

He brought his stallion around and picked her up effortlessly. He deposited her in front of his saddle.
"Is there anything you need?" he asked.

"My trunks, but I doubt that's possible right now."

"Once your team and man have been found, they'll figure a way to get them to my home."

She looked down at him in the fading light of the day. Prominent cheekbones, lush lashes, and full lips she hadn't noticed caught her breath. He was the most handsome, beautiful man she could recall ever meeting.

He mounted the beast, swinging his leg over the saddle. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, I suppose."

JR Salisbury. Author

I've always been a creative individual. Writing is just a facet of that creativity...

My careers in public relations in and around the
entertainment industry, photography, editing,  artist
management, modeling and special event planning all elevated my
passion for writing, not to mention gave me a treasure trove for story lines.

I write women's fiction; contemporary romance (as Jamie Salisbury) and historical romance 
(as JR Salisbury) which is ever evolving. I am fortunate enough that writing (and marketing of
said product(s)) is my full-time job, although I always have one or
two other projects going at the same time.

I now live in a suburb of Atlanta. Some of my other interests include photography,
equestrianism, reading, and of course, travel.

I sincerely hope my writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick
up the pen and pursue their own dreams. I love to be contacted by
readers, writers, and history buffs.

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Southern Devotion Series Box Set
Books 1-4
Amy K. McClung

Genre: Contemporary Romance

noun: devotion

1. love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.

A complete series of stories about love, friendship, and making some of
life’s most difficult choices.

For The love of Gracie •• Book 1
What lengths will the man of her dreams go to…
for the Love of Gracie?

Curves In The Road •• Book 2
With a decision to make, is it possible for two lost loves to find their
way back to each other or are there too many curves in the road?

Complicated Relationships •• Book 3
Love… it’s complicated.

Twisted Fate •• Book 4
Two love stories. Two lost souls. Two fates, twisted together.

Excerpt from TWISTED FATE

“My name is Angel, and today is my one-year anniversary of sobriety,” I said into the microphone at my weekly AA meeting. Dozens of faces stared up at me, ranging from newly sober to people celebrating decades of sobriety. Twirling my year chip in my hand, I smiled at how far I’d come.

“Last year I spent Thanksgiving in rehab talking with my friends through Skype for a few short minutes. This year on Thanksgiving, I had so much to be thankful for. My friends accepted me back into their lives and forgave me for my actions when I was under the influence of alcohol. Rehab gave me more than sobriety. It gave me my life back and it gave me two friendships, which I will cherish for eternity. Only one of them is here with me today. Gus-Gus.”

Gus walked down the aisle to me and gave me a hug at the podium. His strong embrace was the best high I could achieve without falling off the wagon. He stood by me as I continued my story. “The biggest struggle in maintaining sobriety for me is grief. I don’t deal well with it on my own. Gus and I were in rehab with a man named Mike. He was a sweet southern gentleman who never hurt anyone other than himself. Two months ago, he committed suicide.”

Gus grabbed my hand, squeezing for support. “Gus called to tell me, and the first thing I did was pick up a bottle of Jack Daniel’s at the liquor store. I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore, and then I opened the bottle and poured a glass. As I took in the scent of whiskey, my old friend, I picked up my phone and dialed Gus. He came over immediately, and instead of drinking, we sat and traded stories of Mike and laughed about his thick southern accent and his goofy behavior.”

I held Gus’s hand up in the air. “This man is the reason I am sober today.”

Everyone in the room gave Gus and me a standing ovation. We embraced and cried for a few moments over our lost friend and our mutual sobriety. Mike’s death had been hard on both of us. We felt we should’ve known he was ready to break, but deep down we knew there was nothing we could have done. After reading his suicide note, which mentioned only Gus and me, other than his wife and the child he never met, it gave us a little peace knowing we meant so much to him.

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For the Love of Gracie
Southern Devotion Book 1

Always falling for the wrong guy, Gracie Walker hasn't had much luck finding
Prince Charming. She's reached a point where it's easier to forget
about romance and focus on what's important: college, clubbing, and her friends.

But the best-laid plans don't always pan out as hoped.

Caught up in a web of relationships that threaten nothing but pain, Gracie
has to decide who she can trust and who can help keep her safe.

What lengths will the man of her dreams go to… for the Love of Gracie?

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Curves in the Road
Southern Devotion Book 2

Living in Nashville with his daughter, Katelyn, single dad Derrick Collins’s
main goal is to provide a good life for his daughter. With no social
life to speak of, he knows it’s time for a change. He just needs to
find the perfect woman who will complete his happy family. The
problem is he’s already met her and let her go.

Mary Jane Evans’s life took a path she could only dream of. Though
leaving her home in Nashville meant saying goodbye to childhood
friends, family, and the first man she ever loved. Now she has to
choose if she will return or continue her new journey.

With a decision to make, is it possible for two lost loves to find their
way back to each other or are there too many curves in the road?

Complicated Relationships
Southern Devotion Book 3

Tristan Jacob’s life is full of complicated relationships. Having been hurt
by love and loss, and with his focus on taking care of his younger
sister, Macy, for the past five years, it was safer to put his
romantic life on hold.

But he's finally ready to find the girl of his dreams.

When an auburn-haired beauty captures his
attention, Tristan doesn't realize she has a connection to the woman
who broke his heart. Will he get his happily ever after? Or will the
complications prove to be too difficult to overcome?

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Twisted Fate
Southern Devotion Book 4

Two love stories. Two lost souls. Two fates, twisted together.

Old habits are hard to break when lust factors in. Angel is celebrating
her sobriety and making changes in her life. Surrounded by happily
married couples, she realizes how much she wants to fall in love.
Angel meets her match in more ways than one.

Cameron has been working behind the scenes, manipulating fate to help his
friends find their happiness. But as he works to make everyone else
happy, he’s hiding his own pain. So focused on concealing the
truth, his relationship with Gavin suffers because of it.

Join Angel and Cameron in the spectacular conclusion of Amy K. McClung’s
The Southern Devotion series, as this group of friends battle to find
their happily ever afters.

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Amy K. McClung, Author

Amy K. McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of
four girls and occasionally suffers from middle child syndrome. She
met the love of her life online in August of 2004, on his birthday of
all days, and married him in September 2005. Currently they have no
human children only the room full of colourful robots that transform
into vehicles and the large headed Pop Funko's who represent their
favourite characters. Collecting movies, shotglasses, Pop Funkos, and
dust bunnies are some of her favourite pastimes. She began writing in
September of 2011 and independently published her first YA novel
called Cascades of Moonlight, Book one of the Parker Harris Series
the following May. Her first book was a means of therapy for her as
it enabled her to escape reality for a while during a difficult
transition in her life.

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First and Only Destiny
The Destiny Series Book 1
Gloria Silk

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Second edition of USA Today Bestselling Author's debut novel.

"Beautifully written love story. The prose in this book is extraordinary, the
emotions heart-breaking and the author leaves you hanging on the edge
right to the end of the story. I could feel the characters'
happiness, confusion, pain and sadness. When it rained, I felt that
rain on me, when the characters were laughing, I laughed - it was
really that good! I can't wait to read the next story in this book
and will add Ms. Silk to my "must-buy" authors. Love her
writing! Ms. Silk fills the pages with emotion - hope, happiness,
sadness, guilt, joy - you will run the gamut with this book."
Elizabeth Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers series

Do you believe in love at first sight?
First love has never been more intense, heartbreaking, and oh so worth it!
Shy artist Lia cannot resist gorgeous genius, Devraj. Sparks fly and
their families and friends try to break them apart.

It’s love at first sketch for shy, sheltered art major Lia Abraham, when
she meets the Bollywood-gorgeous Devraj Shah at a London university.
But she refuses to show her undeniable attraction to the gregarious
genius who is being groomed for his family business empire. Nothing
can stand between her and her dreams of traveling and teaching art
across Europe. No taking risks or detours for Lia! 

The last thing Lia needs is a handsome distraction from her true love:
art. Although she protests, the charming Devraj, with his dimpled
grin and sparkling eyes, convinces Lia to be “just friends”. 

But inevitably—with one rain-soaked, sweet yet sizzling kiss—their
unleashed desire becomes stronger than their cultural divides—a
Hindu boy and a Jewish girl? Gods forbid!

As their friendship flares into an all-consuming passion, the growing
pressure from both families changes the landscape of both their lives.

Despite loving him to distraction, will Lia’s gratitude to her frail
grandparents, who raised her, and her loyalty to her cultural ties,
force her to forsake the forbidden fruit of her love for Devraj?

Or can she stand up for her first and only love and face their uncharted
future head on?


First and Only Destiny by Gloria Silk


North London, June 1995
Leaving the tomb-like silence of the Rolls Royce, Lia gripped the heavy skirt of her imprisoning wedding dress, while accepting the stooping, old man’s help to brave the summer downpour.
The big, bat-like umbrella over them absorbed the mini bullets of the rain, turning the pure white of her gown to gunmetal grey.

Was it sunrise or sunset? She did not know or care. The universe had lost all colour and warmth.
Her feet and heart refused to cooperate as the old man tightened his embrace around her and urged her toward the arched doors of the imposing granite-grey building ahead of them.

A familiar magnetic pull made her turn her head to look over her shoulder, across the road. Lips trembling under the stifling veil, she saw the soaking, unshaven, Devraj standing by his car.

She felt his agony, heard his thoughts, How can you throw away your life, our destiny? Please come back to me!

But the sleek, dark river of the London street may as well have been oceans separating them, like a chasm of culture neither could overcome.

Even if this was her biggest mistake, he had to see her enter the house of her God.

Suddenly, thunder reverberated above them. She turned away from the love of her life. Her first love was an illusion and a part of her past, now. He had to be.

Look forward, not back.

“Love will come, you’ll see. Howard will make you happy.” Her grandmother’s mantra over the past endless weeks had almost made Lia want to scream that it would only make her grandparents happy. But... here she was, still walking in the opposite direction from Devraj. For his own sake.
Whether or not he ever forgave her, one day she would be proud of her strength and sacrifice.
Tears streaming down her face, she forced her legs up the stairs into the dimness. The cool, musty scent of the traditions ingrained into the spirit of the synagogue made her shiver.

Faces of curious strangers watched her advance towards the waiting bridegroom. The high jewel-tone stained-glass windows, to which generations of proud families had contributed, seemed about to shatter in on her. And, as every hesitant step led her closer to the man at the end of the aisle, his patent happiness made her steps falter, and she wanted to shout, it’s a lie; you know nothing about me!

She almost stumbled, but Dedda supported her. The nightmare continued.

But this was her destiny, not the heart-broken, young man out in the rain.

Statue-still, she lowered her burning eyes behind the veil. If Devraj ran up that aisle, demanding he was her rightful soul mate, would she flee with him? No!

Sucking in a shaky breath, she prayed for strength from the same God who had gifted—and then snatched away—an alternate, impossible future.

Anchoring her limbs, she swore to be the perfect wife to the smiling man beside her. She was not marrying him for her grandparents, but for a much bigger reason.

Or—she raised her head, heart pounding—she could grab the long train of her white dress as restrictive as armour, and escape into the arms of her one and only true love.

She took another fortifying breath.

Her fingers unfurled from their fists like opening petals.


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Second Destiny
The Destiny Series Book 2

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Gloria Silk

"Beautifully written love story with a perfect happy ever after." Elizabeth
Lennox, Author of the Thorpe Brothers series

The standalone bestseller, First and Only Destiny gave Lia and Devraj
their own well deserved dramatic and satisfying happy-ever-after!
BUT what if...

What if Lia and Devraj lose each other within minutes and are both left
devastated, unable to forget each other?

Second Destiny is an emotional, sensuous story of the star-crossed lovers
reuniting 19 years later. Just as Lia discovers her husband's
infidelity, her first love, Devraj is at her door. Lia's 18-year-old
daughter and Devraj's nephew are repeating romantic history. Can Lia
and the Bollywood-gorgeous hero put their past behind, or will their
sizzling, intense passion reignite and endanger everything in its path?

Lia Abraham gave up everything for her family and culture—art, autonomy
and even self-worth. Worst of all was the sacrifice of
Bollywood-gorgeous, idealistic Devraj Shah, when Lia caved in to
pressure from both their families. She broke her first love’s heart
by marrying the “right” Jewish man.

Nineteen years later, minutes after Lia demands a divorce from her cheating
husband, her world turns upside down again; Devraj is at her door.
His nephew and Lia’s feisty teenage daughter are repeating history.
They’re in love, but the now reserved, enigmatic Devraj is dead-set
against the couple’s marriage plans. He is convinced Lia’s
daughter will ultimately reject his nephew the way Lia had rejected Devraj.

After years of feeling caged in a loveless marriage, Lia embraces her newly
found freedom, and her resurgent passion for Devraj is irresistible.
Once again, she surrenders to the true love of her life, but their
affair re-ignites opposition from both families. Will Lia’s second
chance at love again destroy her loved ones and her dreams?

Torn once again between her love for Devraj, her family responsibilities
and her need for true independence, will Lia choose duty over the
desires of her heart?

**read as a standalone!!**

Gloria Silk, Author

USA Today Bestselling author, Gloria Silk, loves writing sensuous,
uplifting and unforgettable romance and women's fiction. Her powerful
stories are filled with passion without cultural borders, which will
take you to various exotic locales around the world. Her books focus
on the many facets of romantic relationships with strong and complex
family bonds.

Born in Russia, her love of travel was ingrained within her from a very
young age, as she has lived in various parts of Europe and the
Mediterranean. Some of her favorite visited places are Austria,
France, the Middle East, Hawaii and Hong Kong. Her next planned
excursion is to Australia and New Zealand.

England (where she was brought up) holds a very special place in her heart
with all its history and lush, green landscapes. Her background in
English literature, writing and psychology help her create
well-rounded, unique characters.

After spending many years in London, England where she met and married her
own loving hero, she now lives - and happily writes - in Toronto, Canada.

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Little Dove
The Redenzione Series Book 1
Perryen Livingston

Genre: Romantic Suspense

An emotionally gripping story about love, family secrets, and

A single test was all it took to turn my world on its axis. The life
that I had and the life that I knew nothing about, would soon
collide. Love and hate, truth and lies, bitterness and rejection,
redemption and clarity- would I find my truth? I am Talyn Rose
Easton-Galiano and this is my story of who I was, who I became, and
ultimately who I am. They say that life is stranger than fiction...
but they don't have my life.

I think I’ve smoked two packs of cigarettes today and chugged Illy espresso by the gallon. Jamieson needs to get here already. He called me from the road to tell me he had a stop to make that was important to him but would be here by suppertime. I hope he likes shrimp and grits because I’ve made enough to feed the whole state of Louisiana. I’m in my bathroom putting my face on when Gracen comes in.

“Your pop is at the gate. You ready to meet him, beautiful? Breathe and enjoy the experience. He never gave up on you.”

“I’m ready. Does this lipstick make me look like a hooker?”

“Babe, your lipstick looks great. I take it that shoes don’t go with Chanel?” I love beautiful shoes but hate wearing them.

“I’m going for the classy-country-bumpkin look. Chanel goes with everything, Gracen, but shoes do not. Let’s go meet my pop!”

I can see his truck coming up the drive from the front windows but I can’t wait. I step out onto the front porch and literally see my past coming toward me. He sees me and the truck starts moving faster. Five, four, three, two, one—it’s go time. The truck door flings open and my pop… he gets out and stands rooted to the gravel drive and cries.

I fly off the porch in my bare feet and vintage Chanel sundress and run right into his arms. He grabs me tight and I can feel the past forty-one years within his hug. Sometimes life is ugly and not fair but sometimes the ugly makes way for the beautiful moments that restore your faith. This is our beautiful moment.

“Little Dove, I have dreamed of this day all of your life. I can now live in peace and when my time is up, I can die a complete man. You are more beautiful than your pictures. You look like your grandma Sharon. I love you so much, baby girl.” He won’t let go and I don’t want his hug to ever end.

“Pop, I can’t find the words to tell you what this means to me. I’ve been accused of having diarrhea of the mouth because I never shut up but… words just can’t do justice to this moment. I love you. Thank you for never forgetting me.”

Perryen Livingston is a Southern-raised, Sicilian born, self-proclaimed rebel
Belle. She is a lover of espresso, great books, all things Chanel, and Great Danes.
Perryen spent two decades traveling the world with her Air Force husband and
two sons. In 2016, she finally was able to put down roots in Central
Florida— the land of sunshine, beaches, and Disney.

Always one who needed to be creative to thrive, whether it be ballet or
fashion design— Perryen knew her next adventure lay between the
pages of a novel, her novel.
When she’s not writing, Perryen lives the domestic life wifein’ and
momin’: lint-rolling dog hair off her signature-style black
leggings, walking around barefoot, and spending time relentlessly
loving on her family.

Little Dove is her first book in The Redenzione Series and will have two
more books to follow. You can stay up to date on what’s happening
next by following her on social media.

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