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OUT OF THE BLUE Excerpt--Caution R rating

Let me set up this excerpt for you. Deirdre Dougherty has traveled from 1845 Ireland to our time. She is staying with Blossom Hunter, mother of the hero Brendan Hunter. Blossom owns a health food store and Deirdre works there. When two frightening murderers try to kidnap Deirdre--all the while detailing their plans for her before they kill her--she vows that the first man to touch her will be the man she loves, Brendan. He arrives just in time to help the store employees save her, then takes her to his mother's home to recover. Deirdre is determined that she will know Brendan's lovemaking now.


She pulled his shirt loose from his slacks. “I know you’re an honorable man who doesn’t dally with women like me, but I must insist on this.”

“There are no other women like you.” He took a step back. “Deirdre, stop and think what you’re asking. It’s not a small thing.”

She took his hand and pulled him toward his room. “I’ve thought of nothing else since you saved me.” She offered him a slow smile, throwing her untried powers of seduction into it, feeble as her wiles might be. “In fact, I’ve thought of it since the day I came here.” They were in his room and she locked the door behind them.

He chuckled. “You mean after you learned I’m not really a demon?”

She stopped when they reached his bed. “Mmm, I’m not so sure you aren’t. You must be a wizard at least, else how did you enchant me with your spell?” She unbuttoned his shirt and slid her hands against his skin.

He caught her wrists. “Deirdre, you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s no going back from this once we’ve been together. Some things can’t be undone.”

“I may not know exactly how this works, but sure and I’m a quick learner. Everyone says so.” She shoved him hard and he fell backward on the bed. While the surprise was still on her side, she pounced beside him. “Is this the way?” She leaned down and kissed him.

His lips were sweet as honey cakes. His arms slid around her and he returned her kiss. When she parted her mouth for him, he rolled so he was over her, never taking his lips from hers.

She realized he knew a lot about lovemaking. At first it annoyed her to think of him like this with other women. But she decided it best that one of them knew how to proceed. Understanding how coupling worked was not the same as experience.

His hands caressed her and before she knew it, she was out of her blouse and the confining bra. He kissed along her jaw, then to her neck and then—Blessed Saints!—he kissed her breast. She moaned with pleasure as he pulled the peak into his mouth and suckled. Heat built in her private place and she felt moisture gather there.

Heaven could be no more glorious than this moment. Or so she thought. Then he slid his hand between her legs and slowly up to where her thighs met. When his finger dipped inside her, she gasped.

His finger moved in and out with the same timing as his tongue against her peaked nipple. Heat inside her flamed hotter and hotter until she feared she’d melt. As if by their own free will, her hips moved to meet his delving finger. Great power gathered in her, threatening to burst free. She feared she might expire from the passion. Instead, the ecstasy inside her exploded and showered her with a million stars.

She cried, “Sweet mercy, Brendan, I never knew.” Then she melted against the pillow and sheets.

He raised his head to meet her gaze. His eyes were dark with passion, his face flushed with desire. “Are you ready for more?”

“More. Yes, more.” Deirdre said.

Brendan gathered his willpower and made one more try. “Honey, we haven’t...gone too far to stop now. Any more and I won’t be able to—“

She placed her fingers on his mouth. “Please, Brendan. Even if you don’t care for me as a lover and never want me again, let me have this now.”

How could he resist that plea? Especially when she asked what he desperately needed. “You know I care for you.” He tugged his belt loose and kicked off his jeans and shoes. His cock was rock hard and tented his briefs.

She gasped. “Oh, my.”

He figured she’d be scared off and braced himself for her change of mind. Lord, he didn’t think he could bear it if she did halt their lovemaking.


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Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Congratulations on your release of Out of the Blue! It's a great story. I know readers won't be able to put it down. :-)