Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unfinished Projects and Challenges

Super Writer vows
to finish the book
Have you ever entered a writing challenge? Yellow Rose chapter of Romance Writers of America is hosting a Book In A Week writing challenge September 23rd through September 30th. Of course, we can’t write a full-length novel in a week. At least, I can’t. What we can do is write without editing ourselves, get the bones down, and finish the first draft. I’m not sure how many are participating, but I’ve accepted the challenge. I’ll become a Super Writer, churning out pages at the speed of light, able to jump over tall buildings . . . wait, that’s another type of Super. I can do this writing challenge, though! I can, as the saying goes, finish the *&%# book. Does anyone hear Helen Reddy singing in the background?

Book in a Week or Book in a Month inspires writers to work harder, email and blog less. No one has to encourage me to do less housework, but I think that probably figures in to the competition. Love that part! And it is just that—a competition. We aren’t competing against others, but against ourselves. Once in a while each of us needs a nudge to give our all for a project.

Sam Elliott, epitome of a cowboy.
 What am I working on? So glad you asked. Several years ago I started a historical western romance, SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME, in which the heroine was named after my aunt and the heroine’s mother was named after my mom. The book was to be a surprise for my mom. She was always supportive of my writing and I knew she would love seeing her name in print as a compassionate, caring, and spunky character in one of my books. I giggled to myself as I plotted the book and worked on it, picturing her pleasure when I presented her with the published product. However, when she died just over three years ago, I quit working on the book and let it molder in my computer. I couldn’t deal with her loss and also work on the book in which she’s a secondary character. If there is such a thing, she's a main secondary character because she is half of the subplot's couple. I always hoped she'd find a second husband after my dad died, but she wasn't interested. She said--and I've noticed this--the men her age were interested in women half her age or younger. She was funny, by the way.

Angels peeking through clouds
Now, though, I think it’s been long enough that I can finish this book, which I love, without crying on the keyboard. I suspect we all have unfinished projects of one type or another. I have way too many, but this is one I intend to finish. When Darling 2 was small, she used to tell me God and His angels were peeking through the clouds when she saw the suns rays as they are in the picture at the above right. Whenever I see a sky like that now, I’m sure my mom is one of the angels looking down from heaven and smiling.

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