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What are you reading? What’s your favorite genre? If you enjoy romantic suspense, you'll love MURDER IN PLAIN SIGHT by Marta Perry from Harlequin HQN.

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In MURDER IN PLAIN SIGHT, Marta continues her books revolving around the Amish, or “plain” people. Her main characters are NOT Amish, but the reader is thrust into the world of the plain people.

Jessica Langdon is struggling and doesn’t fit into or enjoy the high profile Philadelphia law firm where she’s the bottom woman on the office totem pole. In fact, she's afraid her pompous boss will soon fire her. She’s surprised when she’s sent into a rural area with strict orders to arrange a quick plea bargain and hurry back to the office.

When she arrives, she learns the defendant is Thomas Esch, a frightened young Amish man accused of a brutal murder. Unfortunately, Thomas can’t remember what happened and is willing to accept responsibility for the crime. When she digs into events, Jessica believes in Thomas’ innocence and determines to see he has the fair trial everyone deserves. Winning his freedom won’t be easy. Jessica faces threats from her boss, the community, her father, and an unknown villain. Without an understanding of Amish culture, Jessica must rely on Trey Morgan and his ties to the Amish community.

Trey Morgan is determined to protect his mother, Geneva, from the press and wants the Philadelphia lawyer gone. Geneva hired the lawyer and insists Thomas is not guilty. To minimize publicity, Trey helps Jessica, but he is disgusted at the wasted time. That is, until threats against Jessica force Trey to question his beliefs. Together they work to discover the truth about the murder and free Thomas. Solving the mystery forces Jessica and Trey to battle their separate pasts. Can they overcome their differences to build a future together?

MURDER IN PLAIN SIGHT is a favorite of the books I’ve read recently. Marta Perry keeps readers turning pages to learn what will happen next in her fast-paced novel. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance and mystery. MURDER IN PLAIN SIGHT is the first of a trilogy. VANISH IN PLAIN SIGHT will be released in June. Marta is currently working on the third book, JUDGMENT IN PLAIN SIGHT. For more about her books or Marta, check her blog at and her website at

I’ve long been fascinated by Amish culture. No, I’m not thinking of converting, thank you. I’m very happy with the church to which I belong, but I admire many things about the Amish. They have strong family values, take care of their own, and are hard-working. They gave us Amana gas refrigerators and build fine furniture. Their language is a German dialect, hence the term Pennsylvania Dutch or Pennsylvania German. In my opinion, the confusion in terms is because the German word for German is Deutsch,which eventually became pronounced Dutch by those not familiar with the language.

I’m afraid I would balk against the strict Amish religious constraints and soon would be shunned. However, with my weird hair, I’d love to be in a society where all women wear those little caps. No more bad hair days!

Green farming
Amish were “green” before it was an ecological movement. Since they have no electricity or phones, they don’t have to worry about telemarketers or other calls interrupting dinner. They don’t believe in having their photos made, but people snap them anyway. If you saw the movie “Witness,” you know they have large barns and homes, and generally have large families. Living a “simple” life requires many hands.

Amish boys at a horse sale
There has been a surge of Amish romance novels now in print by Berkley, Love Inspired, Steeple Hill, and other presses. To me, the increased interest is due to the appeal of a simpler way of life compared to today’s hectic pace.

Not only the pace. The strong family and community connections are inviting compared to “friends” on Facebook or Twitter whom we’ve never met. The Amish connect face-to-face in a wholesome atmosphere.

I love modern conveniences!
Don't think I'm poking fun at us or at the Amish. I enjoy my computer and cell phone and Kindle, but I admire Amish determination to remain unaffected by the "Englisch" way of life. They are champions at co-existing without losing their values.

No bad hair days for these girls
When viewing them from the outside, one might forget their hard work planting, harvesting, caring for animals, and preserving food. The "simple" or "plain" life is really very complicated. But then, so are our "English" lives.To learn more about the Amish, you only need read Marta Perry’s books or read her blog consistently.

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