Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My hope is that you believe my blog, "A Writer's Life," is irresistably sweet and that you read it regularly. Linda Banche on her blog “Linda Banche and her World of Historical Hilarity” (her books are great fun!) nominated me for this award. Linda is the author of AN INHERITANCE FOR THE BIRDS, part of the Love Letters series from The Wild Rose Press, and releases Feb. 1, 2012. Linda has a lovely blog, too. I’m sure she’d love if you visited her and discovered her witty Regency historicals To accept the award, I have to name seven things about me that you may not know and then nominate ten blogs.

Here are seven things about me:

1. I once received a bomb threat intended to intimidate me. Because the phone threat was so unexpected, I laughed and the caller hung up.

antique cup and saucer
 2. My youngest daughter and I once had antique booths in three antique malls. If we had time--and money--we’d keep dealing in antiques even though the market is depressed. Love those estate sales and auctions!

3. Before I learned to say, “no, thank you,” I was a Girl Scout and Brownie leader, PTA President, room mother, Sunday School teacher, on and on ad nauseum.

4. Several yeara ago, I drove a rental car on the German autobahn. No, I didn’t put pedal to the metal, but I did go 85 mph.

5. I used to love to play friendly bridge several times a week, but am not certain I even remember how to bid.

6. I first met my husband Hero when I was 12 and he was 15. We didn’t date until I was a senior in high school.

7. Even though I’m Texan, both sides of my family were Oklahoma pioneers who settled in Harmon County (formerly a part of Old Greer County).

Now that you’ve learned more about me, let me share something about my friends' blogs. I have many favorite blogs, many of which are group blogs such as Sweethearts of the West. Here are ten individual authors whose active blogs I love to visit (and that Linda hasn't already named):

1. Anna Kathryn Lanier “Chatting With Anna Kathryn” at

2. Cathie Dunn “Cathie Dunn Writes” at

3. Celia Yeary “Romance and a Little Bit o’ Texas” at

4. Elaine Stock “Everyone’s Story” at

5. Ginger Simpson “Cowboy Kisses” at

6. Jacquie Rogers “Romancing the West” at

7. Lyn Horner “Texas Druids” at

8. Maggie Toussaint “Mudpies and Magnolias”

9. Mona Risk at

10. Susan Macatee at

Hope you’ll check out these blogs - but please still come back to visit mine!

Thanks for stopping by!


Carra Copelin said...

I agree! Yours was one of the first blogs I bookmarked and joined, and since have added more than half of the ones you mentioned. Congrats to you Caroline!

Virginia C said...

Great post--great recommendations! I always love hearing about your life : )

I also received a bomb threat from a crazy caller. As a customer service representative, I have spoken with all kinds of people who say weird things. One memorable caller threatened to bomb the call center in order to "wipe me out". I handled it the best way that I could. However, it was one of the calls that I was graded on, and I got marked "wrong" for not thanking the "Mad Bomber"!

Celia Yeary said...

Hi, Caroline...I didn't know you had this on your blog. I just stopped by to see what you were up to. I'll be glad when you can change your header photo back to those beautiful pick blossoms.
Thanks for mentioning my blog--I am honored.

katsrus said...

This is a very sweet blog indeed. I enjoy reading your posts. Congrats on the award.
Sue B

Anonymous said...

nice opinion. thanks for sharing...