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MK McClintock lives in Montana, and her writing brings the state to life for readers. Set in 1882 Scotland and Montana Territory, GALLAGHER’S PRIDE is a book I enjoyed and recommend.

Brenna Cameron is on a quest for answers. She’s come from her home in Scotland to Montana for a confrontation with the grandfather she hadn’t realized existed until her father’s death. From letters she found, she knows Nathan Hunter disowned her mother, Rebecca, but not why. Rebecca was a lovely, gentle person very much in love with Brenna’s father. After her death, there was only Brenna and her father, a comfortably well-off man. But now he’s died and Brenna is alone. Why would Nathan Hunter have ceased any contact with his daughter, never contacted his granddaughter?

As she arrives in Briarwood, Montana Territory, Brenna immediately encounters a rough man, Bradford James. James works for Nathan Hunter, but makes it clear he intends to take liberties with her person. Fortunately, Gabriel and Ethan Gallagher intercede and take her to their ranch, which adjoins Nathan Hunter’s. The Gallagher’s have a running feud with Hunter and Ethan has vowed to get revenge for all the malicious mischief Hunter and his cowboys have executed at the Gallagher family’s expense.

I never give spoilers in my reviews, so you’ll have to read GALLAGHER’S PRIDE to discover the book’s outcome. I will say that the book is filled with adventure and big surprises. I thought the editing was a little rough in that jumping back and forth made it episodic at first, and there were a couple of plot points I would have done differently. All in all, though, it's a very enjoyable read that anyone who likes historical romance or westerns will love. And there are cowboys! Another plus is that this book is suitable for all ages.There is some violence, but actually, it’s less violent than many YA books. I’m looking forward to the entire family saga.

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Caroline Clemmons said...

MK, I enjoyed your book and look forward to the rest of the saga.

MK said...

Thank you Caroline!

Carra Copelin said...

Caroline and MK, Great post.

MK, Nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading GALLAGHER'S PRIDE.

MK said...

Thank you Carra! I hope you enjoy the book. :)