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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Don’t you love Hallowe’en? When we lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids coming by for trick or treat, I loved seeing the children's costumes--especially the young ones. They're so excited to be masquerading and getting treats. Now we live in a rural area and the only trick or treaters we see are those at our church’s Trunk or Treat carnival. Lovely idea, that. Fortunately, now that it’s not so safe for kids to troll neighborhoods alone for candy, many churches host events to allow kids the opportunity to dress up and have a safe and fun evening. Other neighborhoods have events with lots of parents visible in a family atmosphere. My friend's cul de sac neighborhood makes it an annual party.

But I’m here to talk about a fun way to get your spook on. How about reading a suspense-filled time travel? A book with murder, mayhem, dire warnings, and lots of action. MY book, of course, OUT OF THE BLUE. ☺ 

How weird would it be to leap off a cliff in 1845 and land in a lake in modern times? Now, don’t pooh pooh the experience. Strange things happen every day. You have only to watch the evening news to be reassured of that. And Hallowe'en is the night when the veil between life and the other world supposedly separates. Are you frightened yet? Bwahahaha!

Neighbors think
Deirdre is a witch.
In OUT OF THE BLUE, poor Deirdre Dougherty has grown up the subject of ridicule because she has prophetic visions, a gift to the women in her Irish family. Another gift is the ability to grow and use healing herbs. Tending to a family suffering from influenza is what tragically ended the life of Deirdre’s beloved mom. Worn down by nursing the family day and night, she succumbed to the flu and later died. That was a week before the book begins.

Now to the backstory. Deirdre’s mom was courted by the swaggering braggart, Eoghan Baylor. She chose to marry Deirdre’s father, and Eoghan never forgot nor forgave the supposed slight. He worked alongside Deirdre’s father at the marble quarry near Connemarra. All knew somehow he managed the “accident” that killed Deirdre’s father, but none could prove the charge. Eoghan and his son continually harassed Deirdre and her mother, and incited the community against them.

Isn’t it like common folk that they dislike those who are different, yet turn to them in times of need? The Irish potato crop failed for the third year and people are hungry and scared. In this isolated community, people don't realize it's a nationwide blight. Eoghan the Younger, rebuffed by Deirdre as his father was by her mom, convinces the neighbors that Deirdre has put  a curse on the crops. In spite of the fact that she's nursed many sick people, some turn against her. I believe most people are decent, but it only takes a few rotten apples to make a mob.

Cathbad and
a pumpkin
So, after the death of Deirdre’s mom, the harassment reached a dangerous conclusion. Eoghan the Younger, gathered a mob to burn Deirdre's cottage--with her inside! Fortunately, decades before, Deirdre’s Gran had a vision that foresaw the need for an escape tunnel leading from inside the cottage to a group of rocks and brush behind the building and close to the road to Galway City. Deirdre had already planned to leave the tiny community of Ballymish and travel to Galway City where her family had kin. She had her cat Cathbad and her small carryall packed when Eoghan and his mob descended on the cottage bearing torches.

Deirdre scooped Cathbad in her carryall, slipped the handles over her head and arm, and slipped through the tunnel. When she emerged, smoke already billowed from the thatched roof, but she hoped to escape undetected. Someone in the mob spotted her and cried out a warning. Runners blocked her escape. Soon only the cliff was left. She ran to the cliff’s edge. Eoghan almost captured her, but she pulled free and leaped.

Don't think because she prays for deliverance that this is an inspirational novel. Nope, it's rated sensual. Expecting to be dashed into the rocks below, she prayed for Saints Brendan and Brigit to deliver her, and her prayer is answered, Well, I believe all prayers are answered, but hers garners an affirmative.

Deirdre plops down, out of the blue, in modern times into Possum Kingdom Lake, North Central Texas, beside a police detective’s bass boat. Why was she sent to our time? Aha! Read the book to learn how she helps Detective Brendan Hunter solve several murders and prevent others.

Brendan and Deirdre with Possum Kingdom 
Lake Texas's Hell's Gate cliff formation
in the background

One of my favorite characters in this book is Brendan's mom, Blossom Hunter. While Brendan is a by-the-book, squeaky-clean officer, his mom is...well, laid back. Way back, and doesn't mind bending rules when common sense dictates. She is the child of a California commune turned cooperative farm. Her interest in health foods began there, but now--thanks to her son--she owns her own health food store. She's a good
Blossom Hunter and Dave Roan
 businesswoman, but that hasn't changed her nature. She sees the best in everyone and they usually live up to her expectations. She lives on the shores of Possum Kingdom Lake and is in love with a neighbor, Dr. David Roan, and he loves her. They're waiting for Brendan to heal from his near death shooting injuries before the two mature lovebirds marry. I think you'll love Blossom, too. Her optimism and good heart make me smile. And she loves animals, and they love her.  Cooperative farm aside, I'm sure you know people like Blossom who bring joy wherever they go. I know quite a few, thank goodness. Everyone needs lots of friends like Blossom.

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NOTE: I've recently changed the cover for OUT OF THE BLUE, and will be interested in your opinion of this new version. Does this cover entice you to buy? Please let me know

This is me wishing you a fun and safe Hallowe'en!
What? You didn't recognize me?  It must be the
glasses. I'm not wearing them here.
Um, and my eyes are blue.
Oh, and there's that tiny problem with my hair color.

Otherwise this looks just like me. Sure it does. ☺
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katsrus said...

Happy Halloween Caroline. It so sad you have to worry about kids going trick or treating nowdays. When I was little there were no worries. Nice to have safe places they can go now. I am sure I told you before that I loved this book. Hard to put down.
Sue B