Friday, January 18, 2013



Time to make our plans!

Monday is the day many of us have off work in honor of Martin Luther King.No doubt you're looking forward to a long weekend with an extra day to relax or travel.

But wait!

Nationwide, organizations are asking us to make this a “Day On, Not A Day Off.” A day of National Community Service. The theory is that those of us who are free from our day jobs have this one extra day to give back to the community - whether it’s something local, national, or worldwide. Whether it's something strenuous or just paying a visit. Make plans now so we can be all set to go on Monday morning.

For instance: 

Take a casserole to a neighbor.
Serve food at a soup kitchen
Sort clothes and putting away canned goods at the local food pantry
Visit home bound elderly and sick (unless they're contagious!)
Call on those in nursing homes and hospitals (ditto)
Make home repairs for someone unable to make them
Load up blankets and donate them to the homeless shelter
Take groceries to someone who can't drive - or take them out to eat
Donate to an organization like Red Cross, Salvation Army, or a local organization for the homeless
Spend a day for Habitat for Humanity pitching in at a local site
Rake leaves or shovel snow for someone who can’t

Possibilities are endless, and I’m sure you can think of many more. What if each of us did something kind for someone else on Monday? Wow! That could be mind boggling. What a difference we could make!

One of my favorite quotations is from Gandi, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Sure, we deserve a day off. Each of us. But this would be a change, a refreshing break our the routine. Think how great we’ll feel if we make it a day on.


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Unknown said...

Caroline, you have such a big heart. I'm so glad -- and proud -- I've come to know you, at least a little bit, through our interactions online.

I have to work on Monday (What is it they say about rest for the wicked?), but I'm still going to make time to bring a little light into someone's world. This is such a worthwhile idea. I hope it becomes an annual tradition! :-)