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You don’t need a full moon to enjoy a book with a paranormal theme. In fact, my paranormal romantic suspense, OUT OF THE BLUE, is a good read anytime (says me not-so-modestly). This is the only time travel I’ve written, but I have others in mind for the future. Of course, I have a giveaway for this post -- two readers who comment will receive an e-book copy of OUT OF THE BLUE!

And speaking of this, do you wonder why authors write particular books? Years ago an editor said she would like to see a heroine from the past come forward in a time travel. I had enjoyed the time travels Maureen Child wrote as Kathleen Kane, so I thought I’d give paranormal a try. By the time I finished it, the editor had moved to another line, but OUT OF THE BLUE found a happy home at The Wild Rose Press. Since then, I’ve recovered my rights and have self-published this time travel romantic mystery. I recently changed the cover, but not all online sources have the new artwork.
Deirdre Dougherty, Irish lass who lands in modern times

Because Ireland is a favorite travel destination, an Irish heroine popped into my head. I wanted a nurturing heroine, so Deirdre Dougherty is an herbal healer and a clairvoyant in 1845. Her mother died a week ago, and now a local bully has turned many of Deirdre’s neighbors against her in their tiny, remote village. The bully, Eogan, blames Deirdre for the failure of the potato crop and incites others to label her a witch. She has been planning to leave and has her haversack packed, but she is spotted before she can escape. Her only escape is the sea, so she leaps while praying for deliverance--and plops down OUT OF THE BLUE into a Texas lake over 165 years later.

Who would be least likely to believe in clairvoyance and time travel? I decided a Texas police detective would scoff at Deirdre. Perfect. I wanted to force Brendan Hunter to grasp there are more things in heaven and on earth than man can understand. Why not lead him a traumatic chase? He is already on medical leave while he recovers from wounds he received from a drive-by that killed his partner and best friend. He certainly doesn’t need a crazy woman claiming to be from the past. Or, does he?

One of my favorite characters in OUT OF THE BLUE is Brendan’s mom, Blossom Hunter. She was a late hippie who lived in a commune turned cooperative farm in California. The farm is where she met Brendan’s dad, a rebellious rich kid who died too young while robbing a convenience store. Now Blossom owns a health food store, which makes her sort of a modern version of Deirdre, and is bubbly and optimistic. The two women become good friends immediately. Of course, Brendan thinks he has to protect his mom from this psycho who plopped OUT OF THE BLUE beside his bass boat and says she is a time traveler.

Together, Deirdre and Brendan discover who tried to kill him, who killed his partner, and who framed Brendan for the theft and murder. Two of my favorite places are Ireland and Texas. Combining them in OUT OF THE BLUE made me happy. I hope my effort makes you happy, too.

Here’s an excerpt when Blossom takes Deirdre to a shopping mall. Imagine how overwhelming a modern shopping mall would be to a woman from 1845 Ireland. They’re sometimes overwhelming to me. ☺

They stood inside the mall looking around the huge space. Islands of flowers dotted the floor amid all the shops and people rushed every direction. So many colors and smells, so much movement swirled around her. She stopped and closed her eyes to block some of the sensations.
“Let me think. Where shall we go next? Oh, my.” Blossom took her hand and led her to a wooden bench beside bright red flowers. “You’ve gone all pale. Are you faint, dear?”
“Not exactly. There’s so much activity and the hum of hundreds of voices. It overwhelmed me for a moment.” How could she explain the effect the emotions of so many people had on her? Fear, joy, despair, envy assaulted her senses as if they pounded against her mind.
Blossom pointed to a large doorway nearby. “See there, we’re heading for that store. Should I get you something to drink or eat while you sit here?”
Deirdre armed her defenses. Her lightheadedness passed and she stood. “I’m fine now. I just didn’t know what to expect. We’d best get a move on or Brendan will worry.”
Blossom laughed. “He never worries when I’m shopping. He knows I usually get carried away.”
In spite of Deirdre’s hesitance, Blossom’s enthusiasm was contagious. Happiness cracked through Deirdre’s foreboding and she looked forward to her new experience. Sure and couldn’t she use her own pair of britches and a top?
“First stop, we’ll get you some underwear.” Blossom led her into a store. “When you’re feeling steadier, we’ll move on with clothes and then look for shoes to match.”
Deirdre dragged behind, gaping at all she saw. “I’ve never seen anything like the things in the window. Who wears those scandalous pieces of lace?”
Blossom smiled. “You will, dear. I’ll explain it all to you as you try them on. Oh, look, they’re having a sale.”
What would Ma have thought if her daughter wore things fit only for Jezebel? Surely Delilah wore more than this to tempt Samson.
Deirdre gasped at an elaborate red and black silk creation. “You’re never thinking of making me wear a corset, are you?”
“Dear, that’s a bustier. I don’t think you’re ready for one of those yet.” Blossom scanned stacks of lace and picked up a black piece. “I think this pair of panties would fit you.”
“I can see right through it. Why can’t I get the same type you loaned me? They feel nice and there’s little enough to them.”
“You won’t want granny panties. Let’s try these.” Blossom chose another pair of sheer panties, this time in red.
“There’s not much to them, is there?”
Blossom smiled. “It all depends on your perspective. Compare these French cut to this thong.”
“A slingshot? No one could wear that.”
“Ah, but they do. Not my taste, but it takes all kinds.”
“I’ll try the first ones then. None of the thong things, though, please.”
“And bras to match as soon as we decide on the panties.” Blossom searched through racks, making one selection after another.
“Oh, look, here’re the ones like yours.” Deirdre grabbed a package of what Blossom called “granny” panties. “I’ll have these, please.”
“If you wish, but we’ll also take these. I’ll signal the sales person.” Blossom raised her hand and beckoned.
“May I help you?” a lovely and well-dressed woman asked.
“My friend needs to be fitted for a bra. She’s not sure of her size.”
The woman surveyed Deirdre as if she were a statue instead of a person. “Certainly. Step into the fitting room and I’ll get my tape measure.”
Blossom led Deirdre to a group of curtained off closets in a side room. “Here, this dressing room is large enough for both of us. Now, take off your top.”
Deirdre gasped. “Here?”
Blossom grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over Deirdre’s head.
Deirdre crossed her arms over her bosom. “Ma cautioned me that no one save whoever became me husband could see me undressed. You’ve already seen me when you helped me shower, but I don’t think this strange woman should.”
“It’s all right, dear. She’s only going to measure you, not touch you in an inappropriate way.”
The sales woman popped into the closet that Blossom called a dressing room—but by this time Deirdre was not dressed. The woman carried a yellow tape measure in her hand. She quickly slid the tape around Deirdre just below her breasts. “Mmm, 34, just as I thought. Now let’s see the cup size.”
Blossom leaned near the sales woman’s ear, but Deirdre heard her whisper, “She comes from a very conservative upbringing, and was raised to wear clothes more like the 1800’s than ours.”
Shocked as she was with her own behavior, Deirdre suppressed a smile. Clothes exactly like the 1800’s would be more like it. She wondered if this store carried pantaloons like those she was used to? What would this strange woman think if she asked for them?
The sales woman nodded then turned to Deirdre. “Um, could you hold your arms out from your body?”
Resigned to the indignity, Deirdre complied as the woman placed the tape across the peak of her nipples.
“Fine, that’s a 34C. Did you have a particular type in mind? Underwire, front fastening, push up?”
 “Oh, I hardly think push up is necessary. Maybe she should try with and without underwire. We’d like bras to match these undies.” Blossom passed a handful of wispy creations to the sales person. She held one back and removed a ticket from it which she passed to the woman. “We’ll keep this pair for her to wear now.”
When the sales clerk had gone to search out the coordinating bras, Blossom insisted she try on the remaining pair of panties.
“There’s no sides to them.”
“I think French cut will be good. Later on, you may want to try something more daring.”
Deirdre couldn’t suppress her shock. “No, nothing more daring. Sure and I’ll never need so many. Or all those colors. Now isn’t white all a body needs?”
Blossom couldn’t be distracted. “You’ll see, dear. Believe me, someday soon you’ll be glad to have these.”

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Chele aka hula girl said...

I love time travel storylines! I read all of Peggy L Henderson's Yellowstone romance series and I have been looking for another time travel book ever since. I'm heading over to Amazon to 1-click Out of the Blue!

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Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway. The above book sounds really good and worth checking out. Thank you again:)

Shelly H.

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I love sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal plus I'm 5% Irish so this book is on my TBR list now;) Thanks!!


Denise Z said...

The majority of the time travel, I have read has been in the opposite direction. I think it would be refreshing to read a story of a woman jumping forward in time. Thank you for sharing and participating in this fun hop.

Unknown said...

This sounds like a fun read. The Ireland /Texas angle is a unique story twist.

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Thanks for the giveaway! That excerpt did def make me want to read it!

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Sounds like a great read! Thanks!

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Sounds really good! As a redhead, I am partial to all things Irish ;)
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Thanks for the giveaway! I love time travel novels!

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