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Graeme McAllister has been summoned home by his foster mother. His foster dad had a bout of heart trouble and has not rallied as hoped. He learns that is only an excuse: his foster mom wants him to do some investigating. Graeme loves this couple who had one son and took him in with five other boys. The foster parents live on a large ranch in North Central Texas and the family owns half interest in a small airline.

Previously, Graeme’s foster brother died in a plane crash, supposedly under the influence of morphine. The death was ruled a suicide. Graeme cannot believe his brother would take his own life, especially not leaving a beautiful wife and young son, nor would his brother do drugs. Graeme was in Afghanistan when his brother died and received a leave barely long enough to attend the funeral before returning to duty. Shortly after he returned to duty, he was severely injured on patrol and spent months in a hospital before returning to his apartment in Washington DC.

Maggie Benning and Graeme were an item, or so Graeme believed until she married his foster brother.

Maggie has finally worked up her courage and returned to her home on the ranch. She was accused of stealing the morphine used by her husband and suspended from her job. Since the investigation failed to prove her responsible for the theft, she is seeking reinstatement as a nurse. In the meantime, her son Andy is on vacation with her mom and stepdad at Disneyland. He’s having the time of his life while she sweats moving back into the home she had shared with her late husband. She also works as a waitress at the restaurant and bar owned by her mom and stepdad.

Maggie is wracked with questions. Dare she voice them? If so, to whom? Certainly, she does not want to believe her husband committed suicide. Was he involved with another woman? What caused his withdrawal and long work hours the few months before he died?

When a break-in occurs her first night home, she is rattled. Did she imagine the noise? Could it have been a cat? Hmm, a cat who leaves human footprints? But what would anyone want from her home?

Graeme and Maggie rekindle the attraction as they battle unknown villains to discover what really caused the plane crash as well as other “accidents” that happen recently.  I can’t reveal more of the story without spoilers, so I suggest you read CODE OF HONOR.

Carra Copelin, Author of CODE OF HONOR

Carra Copelin delivers a well-paced, satisfying romance filled with mystery and a touch of humor. Her characterizations bring the characters to life so that a reader views them as alive and friends (or foes in the case of the bad guys). I give CODE OF HONOR a 5 out of 5 and look forward to future books in the Texas Code series. The book is available at Amazon and Smashwords in ebook and at Amazon in print.

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Carra Copelin said...

WOW! Thank you, Caroline for this fantastic review of my book. You have such a way with words and you are such a good friend to your fellow authors. I'm proud to call you my friend!

Unknown said...

Great review Caroline! Great book, Carra.

Lyn Horner said...

Caroline, you make Carra's book sound very tempting, and it sure meets a reader' expectations. Great story, great review!

Ruby said...

It seems I'm following you around the web. I promise I'm not a stalker. Great book and great review Caroline.

Carra Copelin said...

Caroline's review of Code of Honor is brilliant(I'm thinking of stealing it,;) ). Thanks, Lyn, Mary, and Ruby for your lovely comments!