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Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I love the holidays, but this year my enthusiasm dragged until recently. One of the things that helped inspire me is an anthology, WISHING FOR A COWBOY, by the new publishing company Prairie Rose Publications. This Christmas anthology is the first release by Prairie Rose. I loved each of the stories in WISHING FOR A COWBOY. Because most of the authors are friends and I want to save the book on my keeper shelf, I bought the print version. But the anthology is also available in e-book.

Cheryl Pierson and Livia J. Washburn launched the imprint. Each is an accomplished and prolific author of multiple genres. You might think that writing award winning books and novellas would be enough to satisfy any author. Not these two women who are always stretching to learn new things. For instance, when Livia’s elderly dog’s hip problems left the animal unable to walk, Livia built her pet a sort of wheel chair for doggies for his back two feet so he could get around. Livia also edits for her husband, James Reasoner and Western Fictioneers. She must work without sleep to accomplish all she does. Cheryl is just as busy, and must be super organized. The stories Cheryl and Livia selected for the anthology are winners.

WISHING FOR A COWBOY includes eight Christmas tales by (alphabetically) Kathleen Rice Adams, Tracy Garrett, Tanya Hanson, Sarah McNeal, Phyliss Miranda, Cheryl Pierson, Jacquie Rogers, and Livia J. Washburn. In addition, recipes at the end of the book sound delicious.

I should have read the anthology from the front to back. Those who read this blog know I love the writing of Jacquie Rogers. Readers won’t be surprised to learn I read her A GIFT FOR RHODA first, and was not disappointed. Once again, Jacquie has delivered a poignant story that includes her special subtle humor, a touch of suspense, and a happy ever after conclusion. Rhoda Johnson is a mail order bride who wants out of her situation when she learns her prospective groom is a drunken lout. Nate Harmon arrives just in time to intervene and also reconnect with his parents.

After Jacquie’s story, I did start at the beginning. Phyliss Miranda contributed A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. This story is touching, but the ending is a bit too much at once. Still, I enjoyed the story of Mattie Jo Ashley and Dr. Grant Spencer and how they inspire the true meaning of Christmas in a small Texas town.

Cheryl Pierson is another author whose work always pleases. Her OUTLAW’S KISS is a touching tale about a special friendship between Talia Delano and supposed outlaw Jake Morgan. When he paid an outrageous sum for her box supper and then claimed a public kiss, he ruined Talia’s reputation in her straight-laced town. Now he’s back. Will he restore her standing in the community or further destroy it? Not to spoil the story for you, but it IS a Christmas story. ☺

A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS is by Sarah J. McNeal. I loved the touching story of a woman and her son who survived the Titanic, but whose husband did not. What a horrific experience that must have been for them. Teekonka Red Sky wants to help assuage their grief. Can his Lakota customs help?

PEACHES is by Kathleen Rice Adams. Kathleen has a special type humor that I find irresistible. Ruth Avery is the new school teacher who feels she can do very well, thank you, without the interference of rancher Whit McCandless. Whit would love to avoid his three meddlesome aunts. He figures the new teacher needs educating in western ways. Reading about their interaction is fun and satisfying.

HER CHRISTMAS WISH is by Tracy Garrett. Kathryn McConnell is a widow who is quite capable of living on her own. Being able doesn’t mean the situation is ideal. She runs a remote stagecoach station. Will O’Brien is the man who intended to marry Kathryn thirteen years ago, but fate intervened. When he lands at the stage station, he is determined to win back his one true love.

COVENANT is by Tanya Hanson and is a touching tale of misunderstood love. Ella Green was a mail order bride who came to Nebraska from Pennsylvania to wed Carsten Green and care for his young daughter. The child’s death sent both adults mourning in different ways and apart. A blizzard ignites love gone cold.

CHARLIE’S PIE is by Livia J. Washburn. Lauralee Brannam bakes what had been her son’s favorite pecan pie on Christmas Eve. Burke Lavery, a wounded Texas Ranger, seeks her help at her ranch in Parker County, Texas. Lauralee’s reaction when outlaws steal the pie creates havoc and gets amazing results. I loved this story.

In fact, I loved this anthology! I highly recommend WISHING FOR A COWBOY. Readers are sure to enjoy each story. The collection would put even the Grinch in the holiday spirit.

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Unknown said...

What a lovely Monday-morning surprise, Caroline! I'm so glad you enjoyed WISHING FOR A COWBOY, especially since I'm thoroughly addicted to your WHRs. Unsolicited praise from an author of your caliber just warms my heart. Thank you, sweet lady, for the kind words. :-)

Cheryl Pierson said...

Caroline! What a lovely review! Thank you so much--we appreciate it! I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories, and as Kathleen says, "unsolicited praise from an author of your caliber just warms my heart!" Thank so much, again, for taking the time to write this review for our debut anthology, and for all your kind words. Like you, I don't know how Livia does everything she does, and does it so well! I often kid her about getting her a "Wonder Woman" suit to wear.LOL

Livia J Washburn said...

What a wonderful review. Like Kathleen says, unsolicited praise from an author of your caliber does warm the heart. Thank you Caroline.

Renaissance Women said...

My thought was it would be good and I love the new imprint. Thank you for letting me know I was right. I loved the review and the book was on my TBP list. Now it has moved to the top. Doris

TracyG said...

This a great gift to find on a Monday. Thanks, Carolyn!

Tanya Hanson said...

Thanks for the review-sugar, Caroline. How honored I am to be part of a "keeper."

Jacquie Rogers said...

Thanks so much, Caroline! I was tickled to have my story included and really glad you enjoyed it. The stories were all fun to read. Yes, Livia and Cheryl are amazing!