Wednesday, April 23, 2014


If you've paid attention, you know that Geri Foster and I are hosting a Facebook Launch Party called BAD BOYS AND COWBOYS this Sunday, April 27, from 5:00 until 10:00 with lots of prizes and surprise authors visiting. We are launching Geri's OUT OF THE PAST and my GABE KINCAID. What you may not know is that Geri has redesigned her book cover to add some pizazz.

This is a Falcon Security series novella featuring Zoe Ross, the Pollyanna-ish secretary to Frank Hamilton, CEO of Falcon. Zoe has turned her life around and gives back to those less fortunate. Each of the agents is fond of and protective of Zoe. She has said that working for Frank is like having a group of big brothers. What she feels for A. J. Roddio is not brotherly, but much deeper. They're still dancing around how much they care for one another when tragedy strikes.

One night after work, Zoe is kidnapped by a Croatian. Frank is due to testify against the Coratian's boss for crimes against humanity for the United Nations. The plan is to use Zoe as a weapon to prevent Frank testifying. A. J.'s determined to rescue Zoe before harm can come to her. And they're both determined that Frank will appear to speak up against the man who murdered innocent women and children.

To work through the steps necessary to capture all the dirty players, Zoe will have to make a difficult choice. A. J. will have to watch. Can they come through this ordeal with a strong love or will the experience destroy all that's between them?

As with other fast-paced Falcon novels, OUT OF THE PAST is a fast-paced romantic suspense that keeps readers guessing to the end. While Zoe is not an agent, she's a secretary who has agents supporting her, so expect to see the same action as the longer Falcon novels. Fans of Geri Foster's award winning, bestselling series are certain to love OUT OF THE PAST.

In the meantime, Geri is at work on the next Falcon book, OUT OF DEPTHS. Watch for it this summer!

OUT OF THE PAST is available at Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iTunes.

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