Friday, May 16, 2014


In my lifetime, I’ve had major hair disasters. Once I asked for a rinse to make my hair shine with red highlights because I was going to a party wearing a new red chiffon dress. I came out with hair the color of Raggedy Ann. And the hairdresser wouldn't redo my hair because she wanted to close up and go home. Humiliating---but I went to the party.
Raggedy Ann

Another time, I tried to dye my hair blonde the day before we were leaving on a trip to visit relatives. I didn’t really understand the steps to going blonde and my hair turned out sort of orange-ish. Our young nephew told me he loved my hair because it was the same color as Lassie’s. And it was. 


And there was the time Darling Daughter 2 had me color her hair while she was home for the weekend from university. I turned her hair lavender instead of blond. Quick trip to a hairdresser rescued her. Still, I’m forbidden from mentioning coloring her hair ever again. ☺

Darling Daughter 2 as a blonde

Which is not quite as bad as my friend Maxine who turned her hair green. She had to miss half a day of work while she used Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent to strip the color from her hair. Too bad it wasn't St. Patrick's Day. ☺

Not all of my efforts have turned out badly. For about ten years I used Lady Clairol every weekend so my hair would have more body and shine. I used Ash Blonde, which turned my dishwater blonde hair to dark brown. Looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. Hero liked it. When I tired of dying my hair each weekend, I asked a hairdresser to strip the color so I could go natural. She informed me that was my natural color. Go figure. I wonder how many Sunday mornings I’d arisen at four to color my hair before church when it was already that color?

Me not knowing I'd become brunette

After the disaster with DD2's hair, I've given up the home hair color business. For the last fifteen years, I had the same hairdresser. She knew precisely how I wanted my hair done. She did highlights and lowlights to enhance nature. I loved the consistent outcome she achieved. But then we moved from a rural area to an urban setting an hour away.

Hero and I had decided when we moved we’d switch as many services as possible to our new neighborhood. You know a woman and her hairdresser have a sacred relationship. For a few months, I drove the hour back to our old town to have my hair done. That seemed silly, though, when a high end salon is only four blocks away from our house.

One day, I desperately needed a cut, so I tried a hairdresser in the nearby salon. She does a really nice haircut. By this time, however, the enhancements were growing out. On my next visit, I asked for highlights. She talked me into getting heavy highlights via a cap so that my flimsy, thin hair would have more body. The result was very, very light blond (grayish) with a line of brown around my face where the cap edge had been.

Me as a blonde

Oops. Hated it, but my hair had more body and stayed styled much better than ever before. So, not a total loss.

As tactfully as possible at my next visit, I expressed my reservations. My hairdresser said all we needed was to put in lowlights, plus she’d cover up the brown framing my face. Okay, scheduled it for the next appointment.

No-o-o-o-o, this result is not okay. Now my hair is auburn leaning toward eggplant. Don’t misunderstand, I love those shades on other people but this is not what I envisioned for myself.

I want my old hair back, please!

For once, I hope my hair grows rapidly. Unfortunately, nothing grows as slowly as a disastrous hairdo.  

Have you ever had a hair disaster?

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Raggedy Ann and Lassie photos from Google Creative Commons


Jacquie Rogers said...

I wanted blond highlights. Just highlights. What I ended up with was white/blond that aged me about 20 years. Since my hair was down to my waist, it took a long, long time to get rid of that mess. Never again. Now, I do have the hairdresser cover my gray streaks, but that's as wild and crazy as I get. One hair disaster was enough for me!

Kathy Heare Watts said...

For me, the bad was when I decided to do the read tight perm! Oh but why!??? And then to make it even worse, I had my picture made at Olan Mills!
My hair was to my waist when I married in 1976 and then after kids it was cut short and here I am now growing it back out and it is below my bra, maybe 4-6" from my waist again.

Rain Trueax said...

I have usually worn my hair long. When I colored it, it never stayed the same color after each washing. I got tired of the hassle and began to color a streak here and there to avoid that skunk stripe some women with long hair have when they grow out a dye job. By around 60 something, it was all my own color which is gray in front and brown in the back. I'll be happy when it all turns gray but so far it's not. I know it looks better the natural color than any of my dye choices.