Friday, June 13, 2014


Thanks to Sofia St. Angeles, reviewer for InDTale Magazine, for her 4 ½ star Crowned Review of the anthology of short stories RAWHIDE ‘N ROSES.  This review especially pleased me since I have a story in this collection. Each story is only 2,000 words, but there are fifteen authors who contributed so readers still get a nice assortment of entertainment for only $2.99.

Besides me, those who participated are Celia Yeary, Simone Beaudelaire, Alison Bruce, Charlene Raddon, Rain Trueax, Chad Strong, Margaret Tanner, Susan Horsnell, Carol A. Spradling, Paty Jager, Lyn Horner, Peggy L. Henderson, Jacquie Rogers, and Cheri Kay Clifton. The cover was created by Charlene Raddon.

Here’s what Ms St. Angeles had to say in her review:

“In what other western romance will you find angels, petticoat patrols, time-travel, and roller skating? None. That’s just one of the many reasons “Rawhide ‘N Roses” is such a treasure. Stories about chasing love cross-country to Yellowstone; falling in love with beautiful Indian healers; experiencing the sparks of first love; and gun-totin’ fast-ridin’ wedding-dress-wearin’ brides, make for one rootin’ tootin’ rodeo of an anthology. It’s great to find so many sweet western novellas in one book. With this many authors you’d think there would be repetition or monotony. Not so in “Rawhide ‘N Roses.” Each author has stamped their story with their own unique brand. For the most part, this collection of short stories boasts tales that are rounded out just as beautifully as their full-length counterparts. A couple of them have endings that are more abrupt than others, but each story presents a unique time and place coupled with a heart-felt romance. Of particular note were “Stable Hands, Stable Hearts”, and “Gunslinger’s Angel”. But they were all fun and unique. In fact, this anthology has as many flavors as Baskin Rbbins but they all come together to make a yummalicious triple-scoop sundae. So what could be better than kickin’ up yer spurred heels on a lazy porch swing and diggin’ in? Giddyup y’all!”

Find the review on page 129 in the June/July issue of InD’Tale Magazine.  By the way, subscriptions to this great magazine are free.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of RAWHIDE ‘N ROSES yet and would like to, here are the buy links:

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