Friday, August 08, 2014


I’ve often been asked why I write romance. Mostly because I can’t stop. There have been a few times when I became discouraged with my career path and decided to quit writing. I couldn’t. It appears I HAVE to write. The people talking my head must be released to the page (monitor).

Romances offer hope
Seriously, I believe romance offers hope to readers who face what seems like insurmountable problems in their own lives. Reading about characters who overcome challenges and achieve happlily-ever-after offers readers the dream that they too can achieve their dreams. In fact, I say romance authors sell hope.

A theme that runs through my stories is hope. Another is family in various forms, but always that family members support one another. Finally, I think a second chance is a continual theme.

I want readers to sigh with pleasure at the outcome of the characters at the same time they’re sorry the book is ended. Also, as I mentioned in your first question, I want readers to feel hopeful after one of my books. Let’s face it, I’m not Ken Follett and I don’t write books like PILLARS OF THE EARTH. I love Follett’s books, but that’s not what I want to write. Romances are what I call mind candy and are intended to entertain and provide escape from worldly cares.  Otherwise, why not watch the evening news?

A brief story from my grandmother
inspired this book

Authors are often asked what inspires them. Frequently it’s a kernel in a family story or newspaper. I think, “This would have been a much better story is if had happened such and such way.” Other times, the story and the main characters just pop into my head and I go with it. That’s ideal, isn’t it? When the story and characters come to you? After all, writers get to make up stuff. It’s a great job.

I’m a full time writer—except when life interferes. I try to limit my email, blogs, and social networking time to three hours a day. It’s tempting to keep going with all the interesting blogs and email loops and Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t get books written, does it?  Fortunately, my husband is very supportive and helps by cooking (what a Hero!) and other chores to free up more of my time for writing.

I do have a life outside writing, of course. One of my big passions is genealogy and family history. I’ve always loved history, and learning about family brings history alive for me. My brother and I are compiling a book on my father’s family and hope to have it completed and printed this year. My dad is no longer living, but he asked me to do this book, so my brother and I are trying to honor his request. I also love old photos and collect family photos.

Family photo from 1910
Another passion is browsing antique malls. My younger daughter and I used to have booths in a couple of antique malls, but the time required to maintain a good selection was too much for me. She still has a booth as a part time effort in addition to her career in education. Teachers always need a second income!

Reading and time with family are special interests any time. My husband and I like to watch movies (thanks Netflix). He’s an avid reader, so some evenings we read instead of watching TV or a movie.

Me at work. That must be Max helping because
Sebastian is a black and white tuxedo cat.

I have a laptop my brother gave me, but don’t use it as much as I could. I prefer writing in my office, which I refer to as my pink cave because of the wall being pink and I hibernate in it as if it were a cave. My sweet husband gave me a lovely desk and computer station in dark faux cherry (pretend wood). I have all the equipment I need, including a good desk chair. So, now back to writing.

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Caroline Clemmons said...

Can't leave you by your lonesome! I, for one, am so glad you write romance. My favorite of all the genres! And I do love a happy ending! I am looking forward to reading your Dad's history. Are you and your brother cowriting? My what a talented family!

Marie Laval said...

Hello Caroline. I love reading and writing romance. Whether it's historical or contemporary, romance novels are always a great way to escape from worries or just day-to-day, mundane issues you might be facing. Researching your family is a fascinating hobby and I am sure you come across fantastic characters!

Rain Trueax said...

You give excellent reasons for writing romances. Of course, I'd think they are excellent since you pretty much nailed why I also write them and why I consider them good for people to read in a world that so often is not upbeat.