Thursday, May 21, 2015


Our Facebook Launch Party was tons of fun! Thanks to each of you who came by to participate.

Hugs to everyone who attended the party!

We had such fun greeting friends and making new ones.

The grand prize of a $50 Gift Card  will be awarded later today so that those in other time zones will have a chance to participate. Sara Benedict of Your Essential Solutions will choose the winner and let Callie and me know who to send the gift card.

During the party I had the dreaded server issues and had slow refresh problems, but I was able to keep up with comments and guests--even if I was a little behind a few times.

I hope Callie Hutton and I sold a ton of books due to our launch. Even if we didn't, we had a pleasant evening. As I mentioned yesterday, Callie's book is ANYPLACE BUT HERE, book 5 of her Oklahoma Lovers series. Mine is O'NEILL'S TEXAS BRIDE, book 2 in the McClintock series.

Here's an excerpt from O'NEILL'S TEXAS BRIDE to tempt you. It features schoolteacher sisters. Stella Clayton is the heroine of this book. Her sister Nettie Sue Clayton will be heroine in the next book, McCLINTOCK'S RELUCTANT BRIDE, book 3 of this series..

Stella held the green ribbon in her hands. “What sort of man spends his money on people he’s just met? Why isn’t he saving for the future?”
Her sister tied the blue ribbon around her hair. “Can’t you take pleasure in the gift instead of questioning the giver?”
“Harrumph. I suppose you’re sweet on him?”
Nettie’s eyes sparkled when she glanced at Stella. “You’re the one he couldn’t take his eyes from that night. I wonder what James Llewellyn would think of that?”
As if she cared. She supposed Mr. Llewellyn was nice enough, but she was standing firm in her beliefs. “What Mr. Llewellyn thinks is not important to me. I’m not marrying a miner, and that’s final. I’d rather be an old maid.”
Nettie examined her image in the mirror and adjusted the bow on her ribbon. “Too bad. Considering our current lack of non-miner suitors, that may be your only choice. Unless you’re interested in the reverend, and he’s over sixty if he’s a day.” She giggled.
Standing behind her sister, Stella smoothed her own dark red hair then leaned in to peer at her reflection. Oh, no. Was that another freckle on her nose? “I’m serious, Nettie. I simply have to find a better life than this.”
The other woman twirled away. “You could be starving on a dirt farm somewhere with a dull farmer and six kids.”
Stella slipped on her shoes and pretended the soles weren’t so worn. She dreaded winter when she’d feel every cold stone in spite of the cardboard she’d slid inside. “What a picture that is. But a farmer at least has a large garden and animals with plenty to eat.”
Nettie laughed from the doorway. “So you’ll be fat but barefoot and work from sunup to sundown and never finish with your chores.”
She couldn’t help grinning at her sister. “You are terrible, you know. Hurry so we won’t be late for school.” They left the house and linked arms.

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And a reminder that THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE, McClintocks book one, is FREE at all the above except in the UK. 

Did you win one of the giveaways? I hope so!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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