Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Here! It's Here! Well, Almost.

Readers, as many of you know, these have been dark times in the South. Bluebell Ice Cream, due to a factory contamination that resulted in months of factory closures, has not been available. The grocery stores have been overstocking other brands in vain hopes that the public has ice cream amnesia, but to no avail.

Finally, for some lucky Central Texans, B-Day has arrived.

The news stations are abuzz with human interest stories about people who got up at 5:00 to go get their allotted four gallons of Bluebell. The company has only released four flavors, but promises more. One frantic store placed a call to the distributor for another truck as he sold out in fifteen minutes. Students were cheerfully eating pints of ice cream for breakfast on the school bus without censure.
Alas, my city is in phase two of the rollout, not phase one. Even though I won't be caught dead braving the rabid shoppers for Black Friday deals, I'm sure I will be out there with the dawn on that fateful day. Well, okay, I will talk Hero into going. But I bet he won't be hard to convince!
We still have a few weeks to go. But there's hope out there, people. There's hope out there.

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