Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Author friends and I were talking recently about authors who write multiple genres. We wondered if readers mind when we write under only one name or if readers prefer an author use multiple names, such as (one of my favorites) Jayne Ann Krentz does with her alternate Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick. Perhaps you can help us with this question.

For instance, I write primarily western historical romance, but also have a time travel, cozy mystery, a mystery, and several contemporary romances. I don’t intend to change my name when I write something other than western historical romance. As Popeye said, “I yam what I yam.”

Another author, though, had thought of changing her name to write contemporary romance, paranormal, and whatever else she wishes. For a writer, this means starting over with name recognition, social media, everything. That’s a tough situation.

While Nora Roberts also writes futuristic as J. D. Robb, she writes a variety of romance under her Nora Roberts name. Readers (including me) have no trouble following her as she jumps from witches to brides to suspense.

What do you think? We are genuinely interested in knowing your opinion.


Denise said...

I prefer one name. If I like an author's style, I will purchase their books. (That also keeps me from making another list-authors aka :)

Bookie said...

I think one name because sometimes I buy a book based on name alone. If an author writes more than one style, trying a new one might lead to a reader developing a wider taste and more book purchases. If not, still name recognition is important.

Jan Hougland said...

I prefer one name as well, Caroline. It is less confusing. If I like an author's writing style and stories, then I'll get them no matter what genre they're in...even if they are better known for one particular genre. :-)