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Dear Readers, I’m pleased to introduce an author whose work I enjoy, Callie Hutton. She’s also a very nice person, which increases my enjoyment of her well-written books. 

Callie will be giving away a print copy U.S. or an e-book International to one person who comments on this blog.

Hi everyone. My name is Callie Hutton, and I live in the southwest part of the USA. I am married to my soulmate for too many years to count. We have a son and daughter. Son is married to a wonderful young woman and they have adorable 2-1/2 year old twin boys (I call them the twinadoes). My daughter is a detention officer at the county jail. She holds a degree in Police Science and is spending time at this job in preparation for applying to the police academy sometime this year.

I love to cook (just not every day, please), read, and visit with the twinadoes. I write both western historical and regency romance books. I love a good love story, and have published over twenty-five books.

Callie Hutton, Author

Who are your favorite authors and favorite genres?

My favorite genre is historical. I was a history major in college, and love all things from the past. Several authors got me hooked on this genre, namely Stephanie Laurens, Jude Devereaux, Tessa Dare, Julia Quinn, Madeline Hunter, and so, so many more.

When you’re not writing, what’s your favorite way to relax and recharge? Hobbies?

No hobbies. I read a lot – probably about 200 or so books a year. I do like to cook, especially when it’s a new recipe, or if I’m trying something I saw on the Food Network

I’m a voracious reader also. How long have you been writing?

Since high school, but I wrote mainly for magazines, corporate newsletters, and newspapers until about six years ago when I wrote my first book

Where do you prefer to write? Do you need quiet, music, solitude? PC or laptop?

I have an office in my house. I work on a laptop. No special needs as far as writing. Sometimes quiet, sometimes watching a cooking show while I write, music, people in and out.

I work in my office, but I don’t like distractions. Are you a plotter or a panzer?

Started off as a panster, switched to plotter, now I’m a little of both. I have to send a synopsis to my publisher to contract a book, and I use that outline to write the book, plotting each chapter as I finish one.

Do you do your research before you begin a new project, or as you go along?

Both. Sometimes I won’t know what I’ll need until I get to that part of the book. I have a library full of research books and eleven binders full of things I printed from the internet.

Tell us about your writing schedule. Do you set goals? Do you write daily?

My goals are so many chapters a week. I’m trying to step up my releases this year, so I’ve gone from three chapters a week to four. If I don’t finish by Friday night, then I have to work the weekend.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise readers.

I once interviewed Peter Lawford for a woman’s magazine, I was an extra in the movie “Jinxed” with Bette Midler. I gave my college graduation speech at the ripe old age of 57.

What do you hope your writing brings to readers?

Escape, fun, laughter, satisfaction. I once had a reader write to me that my Oklahoma Lovers series got her through chemotherapy. Nothing beats that.

That is a compliment indeed. I loved that series as well. What advice would you give to unpublished authors?

Write, write, write and read, read, read. Read not only craft books but books in your genre. You will see what works, what doesn’t work, and how an author puts together a story. If you are planning on self publishing from the get-go, make sure you hire a good editor and cover artist. Professionalism in a book is vital, since your name goes on the cover.

Tell us about your latest release.

Title: SEDUCING THE MARQUESS, 1st book in my Lords and Ladies in Love series.

Richard, Marquess of Devon, and his wife, Eugenia, have been married five months. They have the perfect ton marriage. Respect and affection, with no messy entanglement such as love. Soon after Devon’s mistress dies, Eugenia stumbles onto a naughty book in a bookstore. A book that explains all the things proper ladies of the ton are unaware of, and would never consent to do with their husbands.
 Once Eugenia acquires the book—scandalously—she begins a campaign to make sure her husband has no reason to replace his mistress.
 Although Devon has continued to visit his paramour since his marriage, all they’ve done is play cards. Devon’s rigid upbringing impressed upon him that gentlemen slake their baser needs on a mistress, not their gently bred wives. However, once married, he was no longer comfortable bedding a woman other than Eugenia.
 As bored matrons and eager widows toss him veiled invitations while he wrestles with this dilemma, his wife has begun to change. No longer the prim and proper woman he courted and married, her behavior leads him to an alarming conclusion. . .

Devon stared down at his wife. His flustered wife. Something he’d never seen in six months of courting and five months of marriage. She was panting heavily, there was a light film of perspiration on her upper lip, and her face was as red as the apples being sold from the fruit cart across the street.
She regarded him, her mouth agape. Something else he’d never seen before. The poor woman was obviously in a bit of distress. “Eugenia? Is something amiss?”
Eugenia shook her head, almost as if to clear it. “No. No, nothing at all, my lord. I am fine. Just taking a stroll.” She cast him a grin that would give a small child nightmares.
“I don’t wish to contradict you, my dear, but you are flushed and seem out of sorts, and galloping along, rather than strolling. Perhaps I might escort you to Gunter’s for an ice?”
She glanced at the reticule that dangled from her wrist, and her red face paled. What the devil was going on with his usually unflappable wife? “Yes, my lord. That would be quite pleasant.”
Devon extended his elbow, which she gripped, glancing over her shoulder as if expecting to be snatched away. Very strange.
Due to the temperature of the day there was a considerable crowd outside the store. He escorted Eugenia to a small table under a tree where the air was cooler. That might help to calm her. He shook his head. Never had he experienced a need to calm Eugenia. She was…well, he had never liked the moniker the ton had bestowed on her. The Ice Queen.
She appeared a bit more composed when he joined her with the ice. She fanned herself and smiled brightly at him as he placed the ice in front of her. “Are you feeling better?”
“Yes. Much.” Why did he think she was lying? She kept glancing at her reticule as if she expected it to jump up and bite her. When she took a taste of her ice, a small piece stayed on the corner of her mouth. Distracted, she didn’t seem to even notice. He motioned with his finger to his mouth.
“Your mouth.”
“What about my mouth?”
“You have a piece of ice stuck there.”
Instead of reaching for the handkerchief she always kept in her reticule, she simply moved her tongue out and scooped up the piece of ice.
All his blood rushed to his groin.

I thoroughly enjoyed SEDUCING THE MARQUESS and recommend it to anyone who enjoys good Regency romance. How can readers learn more about you?

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