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This series of blogs is about my series of books, the Bride Brigade, set in the fictitious Texas town of Tarnation. Today I’m featuring ANGELINE, Book 2. There’s a $50 giveaway to someone who comments during the set of seven blogs, culminating with the August 25 release of PRUDENCE, the last book of the series.

ANGELINE, Book 2, is the only one of the seven Bride Brigade women who is not from Virginia. Instead, she is from a wealthy family in Missouri. When her fiancé forced himself on her and she became pregnant, he left for a tour of Europe. Instead of protecting her or railing against the cad who dishonored her, her father gave her twenty dollars and threw her out of his house with only what she could carry.

This type of disaster happened to many unfortunate women. Where were they to go? How were they to earn money? They had been trained to live as a decorative wife who managed the servants and organized entertaining to promote the business interests of the man of the house.

But what if her fiancé hadn’t forced her? Should she be held accountable? My opinion is, one person should not carry the blame for something that involved two people. People make mistakes, they change, and accept responsibility for their actions. Also, not everyone who wants children also wants to be married.

Until a few decades ago, a child born out of wedlock in Texas and several other states had ILLEGITIMATE stamped in large letters across the birth certificate. Imagine the embarrassment to the child each time he or she had to produce a birth certificate. Thank goodness that terrible practice has stopped.

While opinion has mellowed somewhat and a single mother is no longer totally ostracized by society, there are still those who believe the woman is always to blame. So how does Angeline proceed? She knows she needs to marry, but fears no one will be good to her child.

Angeline has a compassionate nature. She visits the sick and elderly because she genuinely cares about them. Their response is to become quite fond of this loving young woman. Yet, that doesn’t settle her dilemma.

Here’s the synopsis for ANGELINE:

A desperate young woman
A second chance
A life-changing decision.

Angeline Chandler didn’t invite the attack that created her condition but she’s suffering the result. Disowned by her family and left alone and destitute, she gets a second chance when a kind woman rescues her and invites her to travel to Tarnation, Texas with six other young women for the purpose of marriage. The prospect of marrying one man while carrying another’s child worries Angeline. Who would want her and another man’s baby?

Grady McIntyre is a minister whose wife died soon after their son was born. The woman who has been helping with his toddler has told him she’s too old to continue. When Angeline’s name is suggested as a part-time nanny, he seizes the chance to hire her. Their attraction is instantaneous but Angeline resists. A minister needs a virtuous woman, not a fallen one. Soon they marry and both are happy.

Trouble rears its ugly head until matters come to a crisis. Will detractors destroy the happiness Angeline and Grady have found?

Here’s an excerpt from ANGELINE:

The vigor which had been with Angeline on her walk had completely disappeared. In its place a clammy, smothering sensation overwhelmed her. If only she could reach Lydia’s she’d be safe. She hardly remembered taking her fabric and going out the door.
The world spun and she reached out her hand to steady herself but found only air. She gasped for breath, unable to breathe. Her knees turned to rubber and she felt herself sinking.
Firm hands clasped her upper arms. “Miss, may I help you?”
She looked into the kindest hazel eyes she’d ever seen. His blond hair barely showed under his hat. “I don’t know what came over me. I suppose I’m still tired from my journey.”
He looped her arm onto his. “I’m the local pastor, Grady McIntyre. Please allow me to escort you to the Harrison home.”
“Thank you, I’m Angeline Chandler. Frankly, I can use a solid arm to lean on for the walk.” She clasped his forearm as she would a stair banister. For a minister, he was muscular and appeared strong.
“You must be one of the young women who came with Lydia. I couldn’t get away to greet your arrival but I understand there was quite a reception committee.”
She forced a smile. After all, he was gallant enough to help her and deserved a friendly response. “I was awfully tired. I hardly remember anyone except the mercantile owner and the sheriff. Lydia made a point of greeting them.”
“I remember that trip and imagine by then you only wanted a bath and a bed. That’s a tiring ride.”
“Deadly. I’m surprised my teeth didn’t fall out with all the bumps and rattles.”
“Don’t understand how anyone’s brave enough to leave town. Once I arrived, I vowed never to leave.”
She grinned at his attempt to cheer her. “Me, too.”

If you haven’t read this series, please dive in. Here’s the url for the first two:

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ANGELINE, Bride Brigade Book 2

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