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Friday, May 25, 2018


Celebrate with me! TEXAS STORM, the third book in my Texas Time Travel trilogy is now released for readers. Although I have a difficult time choosing, I admit this is my favorite of the trilogy. The heroine makes TEXAS STORM perfect for Memorial Weekend release.

You see, Jeannie Luttrell is a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot) ferrying planes from factories to air bases or from one base to another. WASPs freed up male pilots for combat. This doesn’t mean they had an easy job. They learned to fly 67 different types of planes. Of the over 25,000 women who applied, 1,830 were accepted into the program and 1,074 graduated. These WASPs flew a combined 60,000,000 miles ferrying planes. Thirty-eight of them lost their lives serving their country, yet they were not military and received no benefits. For more information, see my post at 

I'm giving away an e-book set of the trilogy to one person who comments today!

Here’s the TEXAS STORM blurb:

Jeannie Luttrell’s passion in life is piloting airplanes. She doesn’t mind the low pay, long hours, or the fact that as a World War II Women’s Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) she has to pay her own expenses. A faulty oil pressure line causes her P-51 Mustang’s engine to fail and she has to bail out during a storm. When she lands the wind drags her across the ground and into a small ravine where her head strikes a rock.

When Caleb Knight sees a person struggling with a parachute on his cousin’s ranch, he knows what has happed. Another woman has landed in the small part of a ravine that appears to be a time portal from the past. Twice before a woman has come forward in time at this spot. He stops and takes the stranded pilot to his cousin’s home but then he plans to be uninvolved. Darned if he’ll let the family rope him into their shenanigans.

No matter how hard he tries, Caleb can’t avoid Jeannie. Soon, he isn’t so certain he wants to. But, how can two strong-willed individuals who view the world differently build a relationship? Especially, now that they have the same enemy plotting against them?

TEXAS STORM Excerpt (the first night Jeannie is in her apartment and Caleb is visiting briefly):

Jeannie said, “Show me where you live.”
“Okay, follow me.” He walked to the living room windows. “See that large house shape with one downstairs light on?”
“I’m not sure in the dark. Is it the one with the outdoor light?”
He pulled her in front of him and reached around her to point. “Yep. Straight ahead and one house to the right.”
She inhaled his scent. His breath tickled her neck and increased awareness of him, as if she needed anything to make her more sensitive to his masculinity and presence.
“I-I see it now.”
“Good. Then two houses left is Margaret’s yellow house.”
She turned and stepped away before she threw herself at him. “I love Terry Springs. In my opinion, the town is the perfect size.”
“You think so?”
“Sure, don’t you? Have a seat. Would you like some coffee?”
He sat on the couch. “No, thanks, I’m still stuffed.”
Now she couldn’t think of anything to say. Her mind was still on him standing so near. “Ellie chose the colors for the walls but I like them. They’re soothing. What do you think?”
“I guess so. Aren’t you going to sit down?”
She sat at the other end of the couch. “You’ve always lived in Terry Springs so maybe you don’t like it as much as a newcomer.”
“I went away to college but you’re right, I’ve always lived here.” He lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “I like it just fine. Most of the time, I even like working at the bank.”
She curled her legs under her. “Everyone in town appears to respect you. They do all of the Knights, in fact.”
“Jeannie, relax.”
She tried to affect an innocent expression when her heart was pounding. “I am relaxed. In fact, Mr. Knight, I’m having a very nice evening.”
That appeared to please him. “Good, so am I.”

The Amazon buy link is: 

Reports on TEXAS STORM:

Best of the three!” KR, beta reader

“This is my favorite.” SS, beta reader

Reviews on the Texas Time Travel Trilogy:

"Anything by Caroline Clemmons is a must read and this is a fun series." MM on TEXAS RAINBOW 

"Caroline outdid herself with this book! There was enough action, adventure and romance to satisfy the soul of every reader! Just as you think everything has settled down, another twist is thrown in! Absolutely fabulous! I recommend it to everyone! You won't regret it!!" KL on TEXAS LIGHTNING

The 26th is the anniversary of my father’s death several years ago. He encouraged me first to read and then to write. Reading was one of his pleasures until he lost his eyesight. I’m sure he’s pleased to look down and see that I’ve chosen to remember him this weekend with a book release.

Thanks to each of you who reads my books. I love writing and need readers to continue. I hope you will give the trilogy a try. If you enjoy the books, please leave a review. If not, skip the review and email me to let me know why you didn’t like the book/books for my reference in writing future books. 

In fact, I’m always happy to hear from readers!

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