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The President's Daughter
Seelie Kay

Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Be careful what you
wish for because it just might send your life into a tailspin from
which you may not recover.

When presidential candidate Jamisen Powell meets volunteer Sarah Lee Pearson, he is
shocked to discover her eyes mirror his own. But Sarah was raised by
two loving parents and has no questions about her heritage. Instead,
after their death, she merely longs to find an extended family. She
becomes convinced that Powell could be a distant relative. Powell, on
the other hand, has spent twenty-five long years haunted by the
memory of a daughter kidnapped from her bed. He suspects Sarah could
be his long-lost daughter. As both launch separate covert searches
for the truth, Sarah is found by the estranged parents of the man who
raised her. Suddenly, the truth will no longer set her free. It could
destroy the happy memories of her childhood. Hang on to your seat,
and more importantly, hang on to your heart, as one woman discovers
the true meaning of family.

Read an excerpt:

“You think I’m Sally Jane Powell?”

“I can’t confirm that, not without a DNA test, but…” Lisa pulled out two driver’s licenses from the envelope. “I found these in that shoebox you gave me, the one with your parents’ personal effects and your photos and stuff. Your parents were first issued driver’s licenses in Wisconsin in nineteen ninety-four, five years after you were born, also the year Sally was kidnapped.”

Lisa tapped the photos on the licenses. “Look at your parents, Slee. You look nothing like them. Do you know the chances of two brown-eyed adults, both with dark hair, having a blonde, blue-eyed child? It’s exceptionally rare. It’s possible one of your grandparents had blue eyes, but I couldn’t find any photos to confirm.”

“Maybe I was adopted. I always wondered…”

Lisa shook her head. “I’m sorry, Slee. I couldn’t find a record of that either.” She pulled out two more news clippings. “Slee, this is a photo of you when you were seven. When you won a spelling bee? It was in your box.” She handed the other clipping to Sarah. “Compare that photo to the one of Sally. The one the police distributed when she was taken.”

Sarah studied both photos. Then she shook her head. “There are some similarities, sure. Same eyes. Same color hair. But there are also some differences. My face is thinner. My hair is long and straight. Hers is curly. It could just be a coincidence.” She looked up at Lisa and her eyes filled. “No way I was kidnapped. My parents loved me too much. Besides, don’t people kidnap for money?”

Lisa shook her head. “Not always. Sometimes, they just want a child.” She patted Sarah’s hand. “Slee, I know this is disturbing, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. And no matter what we find, that doesn’t make your parents any less your parents. Sure, there’s a chance that you don’t share their blood, but they loved you. Hold on to that.”

Seelie Kay is a nom de plume for a writer, editor, and author with more than
30 years of experience in law, journalism, marketing, and public
relations. When she writes about love and lust in the legal world,
something kinky is bound to happen! In possession of a wicked pen
and an overly inquisitive mind, Ms. Kay is the author of multiple
works of fiction, including the Kinky Briefs series,
The Garage Dweller, A Touchdown to Remember, and
The President’s Wife.

When not spinning her kinky tales, Ms. Kay ghostwrites nonfiction for
lawyers and other professionals. She resides in a bucolic exurb
outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she shares a home with her son
and enjoys opera, gourmet cooking, organic gardening, and an
occasional bottle of red wine.

Ms. Kay is an MS warrior and ruthlessly battles the disease on a daily
basis. Her message to those diagnosed with MS: Never give up. You
define MS, it does not define you!

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