Saturday, March 30, 2019


By Caroline Clemmons

I goofed and didn’t have a post up on Friday. I had it planned, just let life get in the way—a tooth extraction and an endoscopy. So glad those are over!

Monk Magonagle is a character introduced in The Most Unsuitable Husband, book 2 of the popular Kincaid Series. So many readers requested a book about him, that I wrote one titled MONK’S BRIDE, book 5 of the Kincaid Series. He finally has his chance at happily-ever-after.

I love Monk, whose real given name is Michael. He was a conman only because he was assigned to look after his foster brother, Nate Bartholomew. Nate and trouble were close friends until Sarah Kincaid taught him about love and family. Monk has a strict code of ethics: no carousing with loose women, no more than two small drinks, no missing church if he’s where one is available.

Now that he’s settled in Kincaid Springs, Monk is President of the Kincaid Springs Bank. He’s considered part of the Kincaid family, for which he is grateful. Longing for a wife and children makes him feel guilty when he has so much more than he ever dreamed would be his.

MONK’S BRIDE will officially release on April 12, but it’s available for preorder now. Don’t you love preorders? I forget I’ve ordered the book until it pops up in my Kindle as if by magic. 

Here’s the Universal Amazon buy link: Of course, if you are a member of KU, the book is free.

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Lori Smanski said...

I hope that your tooth extraction and an endoscopy went well.
Sometimes life happens and that is ok.