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I’m so excited about this story that I want to share the cover. The preorder is up and CHARLOTTE’S CHALLENGE will be released September 18.

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Here’s the legend on which the series is based:

The Golden Legacy

In 1734 a pirate brigantine attacked a merchant ship, The Golden Fleece, in the Caribbean. Although smaller, the merchant ship bested the pirate craft that contained a treasure trove of gold and jewels. A dying pirate claimed the Incas had cursed anyone who misused the treasure, hence the reason the merchant crew was victorious. The treasure would also bless anyone who used it for good. The greedy merchant captain, James Carlson, was killed during the battle, but his eighteen year old daughter, Sarah, survived in her cabin.

Mindful of the curse and to thank God for their salvation, she asked the crew members to split the treasure equally, but to make a binding pledge that they would keep only twenty percent for their own use, and give ten percent to help others. With the rest, each was to buy something of great value that could be passed down to their descendants, with the curse passing onto anyone who broke the line and used it selfishly. If used selfishly, the treasure would be lost but reappear in some form after skipping a generation. 

You can understand why I wanted to be a part of this multi-author project. Can’t you conjure numerous possibilities for this series? I’m revealing the cover for the historical that is set in 1885 Texas. Early next year, I’ll write a contemporary romance for the series. 

Here’s the blurb for CHARLOTTE'S CHALLENGE:

Bret Craig is a descendant of one of the crew of The Golden Fleece. Over a century ago the merchant ship had prevailed against pirates carrying a treasure of cursed Inca gold. The legacy promises retribution against anyone who misuses the treasure. Bret has heard the story all his life but he believes the tale is a myth and that he’s in no danger if he spends the money selfishly. Ignoring his sister’s warning, he sets out for a grand adventure heading west.

Mail-order bride Charlotte Dunn lost her husband to a rustler’s bullet. Now she’s in danger of losing the ranch her husband built and intended passed down to his eldest son. Charlotte’s two stepsons are riding their horses when they see Bret fall from his horse and strike his head on a stone. Once he regains consciousness, he has amnesia. She nurses Bret and plans to sell their remaining cattle to pay the mortgage on the ranch. Bret regains his memory and learns the remainder of the herd has now been stolen. Worse, the villain does not give up easily.

They must work together to defeat those trying to ruin Charlotte’s attempt to save the ranch.  Are two people at cross purposes able to embrace the love blossoming between them?

I hope the blurb intrigues you and you preorder CHARLOTTE’S CHALLENGE. I believe you’ll enjoy Charlotte and Bret’s story. 

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GiniRifkin said...

What a terrific cover. You can actually see the love in their eyes for one another. Good luck on sales.