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My Highlander Husband by Nancy Pennick



My Highlander Husband

The Clan MacLaren Book 1

by Nancy Pennick

Genre: Sweet Historical Romance

Volatile times engulfed 1715 Scotland. Threats of a Jacobite uprising hung in the air. Lady Juliet Kingston traveled to Glenhaven with her entourage to meet and marry Laird MacLaren’s son with the hopes their union might help calm the rumblings of war—an Englishwoman weds a Scottish Highlander. Juliet longs for home and the man she left behind, until she meets Ross MacLaren. Both are stubborn and strong, but find love. Now a threat comes from a different front, one Juliet cannot fight. She gives up her husband and home to protect those she has come to love and returns to England with John, her former beau. Will she ever find her way back?

**My Highlander Husband is PG-13 Moderate Heat Level

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“No, Eva, you are right. He seemed reserved.” Juliet recalled staring into his cool hazel eyes, unable to tell what he thought. “He was kind.” She pictured him towering over her, his bow and the kiss to her hand. But when he looked up at her, his smile did not reach his eyes. Her stomach twisted in a knot. “He is the one who requested an English bride for his son. Mother said it would be a union that helps both countries.”  

“If you wish to think he is kind then let it be so. Sit.” Eva pointed to the chair in front of a mirror. “I will fix your hair.” She worked without speaking, brushing out Juliet’s long locks. 

“What are you thinking?” Juliet sat without moving to make Eva’s job easier. “I know you have an opinion.” 

“I am not supposed to have one. My job is to serve you.”  

“When we are in private, you are my friend. I need to hear your thoughts.” 

Eva stepped in front of Juliet, comb in hand. “I think it odd we were not given a royal greeting. The laird had to be summoned when we arrived. He greeted you and sent you to this suite.” 

“We may have arrived earlier than expected. The laird said a feast has been planned in my honor tonight.” When she was shown her room, Juliet thought the accommodations were much smaller and sparse by English standards. The suite had two rooms, a bedroom and boudoir, but having time to study the décor, she deemed it tastefully done. The four-poster bed had a red velvet canopy with matching bed cover and beautiful tapestries hung on the paneled walls. 

“Well then,” Eva said as she walked over to a table, “all is settled.” She returned with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. “I picked some wildflowers in the field. When I am done with your curls I will place them here.” She touched the back of Juliet’s head. Her hand brushed the side of Juliet’s neck as she reached for a lock of hair. 

The contact made Juliet think of her future husband. How would he touch her? Did he want to touch her even if he did not know her? Of course, that was what all men wanted. Her mother told her so. She had pulled Juliet aside before she left and said, “Oh, my sweet daughter, I only have time to tell you this. Strange things happen to men when they take a woman to bed. Be prepared to accept what happens.” 

Nancy Pennick grew up and still lives in Northeast Ohio, outside Cleveland, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She is a young adult, historical romance and romantic suspense author, tea lover and retired teacher moving on to her favorite hobby, writing.

Nancy is married and has one son who helps her when she's challenged by tech, which may be more often than he likes!

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