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Help me celebrate a wonderful Book Birthday! Today is release day for AMY, book 25, Angel Creek Christmas Brides Series. This is the fourth and final year for this popular mail-order bride series set in Montana after the Civil War.  With so many young men killed and others homeless and going west to seek a new start, young women in the east—both north and south—far outnumbered marriage-age men. 

What’s a woman to do? Does she stay at home with her parents? Does she even still have a home, or was it destroyed in the war? Is she destined to be alone instead of a wife and mother? And then there are the women who don't fall into those categories, women like Amy...

 Amy Gordon had a hard life, first in a poorly run orphanage, and then as the pawn of dishonest men. Her spirit refused to be crushed. Get your copy here:


Here’s the book description for AMY:

A desperate woman on the run…

An overwhelmed sheriff who’s guardian of 3 nieces…

Events that threatens their fragile relationship…

Amy Gordon is a swindler escaping from a deal gone bad and the former employer who blames her. Determined to stay out of trouble and out of his clutches, she takes the first train leaving Chicago. When the train derails, she steals the ticket and identity of a crash victim headed to Angel Creek in Montana Territory.

Amy believes if she can make it to Angel Creek, she can evade the vengeful former associate. But as a lifetime Chicago resident going to Montana, Amy had no idea such a desolate landscape existed. She decides to play her part as Bethany until spring, but then she will head for civilization and a new life.

Sheriff Spencer Wood has become guardian of his three young nieces and needs help caring for them. In addition, he admits he’s lonely and is ready for a companion to share his life. His solution is to send for a mail-order bride who will be a good example and caregiver for his nieces, and for the future children he and his wife will have. When Spencer is severely injured, he wonders what will happen to his family if he doesn’t recover.

Spencer is the kind of man Amy had hoped existed, but never thought she’d meet. He treats her with respect and charm. But raising children is confusing, and she’s a novice at managing a household. How long before she can move on? She hardens her heart against her husband and the girls, but finds herself slipping under their spell. Just as she believes she’s found the perfect life, disaster arrives.

Will she have the courage to stay or will she run?


Enjoy an excerpt from AMY:

Amy picked up her spoon, but she realized the girls had bowed their heads. Without drawing attention to herself, she rested the spoon on the table and folded her hands in her lap.

Spencer folded his hands and bowed his head. “Dear Lord, we give thanks that Bethany arrived safely. Bless her as she joins our family. Thank you for the food we are about to receive. Thank you for giving us this day and our many blessings. Help us remember to treat one another with kindness and keep your commandments. Amen.”

Amy stared at her bowl. Had anyone ever given thanks for her safety? She doubted she’d ever even been mentioned in anyone’s prayers before. In fact, she wasn’t certain she knew anyone who even believed in prayer.

She’d heard of the Ten Commandments when she was at the orphanage. Not that the staff lived up to them. Well, Nurse Kathryn did. She’d been patient and understanding—the closest Amy had had to a mother. She wondered what the nurse had thought when Amy had run away.

Many nights after she’d fled, she’d cried herself to sleep, careful no one else knew, and wished for Nurse Kathryn’s arms around her. No matter how she’d tried to harden her heart, she failed. Sap, you’re such an easy mark yourself. This time, though, you made out all right—if that oldest girl doesn’t ruin everything.


Many women became mail-order brides. Chris Enss, author of HEARTS WEST, collected true stories about mail-order brides. Not all of them turned out happily. Don’t worry, though—all of the Angel Creek Christmas Brides books guarantee a happy ending. The fun is the twists and surprises in getting there.

Stay safe and keep reading!    

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