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 By Caroline Clemmons

One of the interesting things an author can do is become part of a multi-author project (MAP). I’ve done this numerous times in series like Widows of Wildcat Ridge, the Pinkertons, several mail-order bride series, and Deborah Holland’s Kindle World (which became my Loving A Rancher series when Amazon deleted Kindle World). Now, I’m a member of the Love Train series. I continue to do my own books, too, of course.

Being part of a MAP does two things. First, the author gets to work with new authors or becomes better acquainted with others with whom she or he has worked previously. Second, the fans of each author in the series are introduced to each author and, hopefully, each author acquire new readers. Each book in the MAP is a stand-alone story, but must stay in the parameters set by the series creator. A private group on Facebook is set up so that authors can exchange ideas and insure that the authors haven’t come up with the same plot.

The Love Train series was conceived by Charlene Raddon with Pam Crooks’ help. As mentioned previously, Charlene did the cover for each book as Silver Sage Cover Designs. Working with Charlene and Pam is always a joy! Everything is organized from the start. Each of the books is sweet, a historical western romance.

Henry, the matchmaker

As I mentioned last week, there are two continuing characters in the Love Train series. Henry Manners is the friendly conductor of the Union Pacific 1216. He’s widowed, is around sixty, and loves to play matchmaker to passengers. Willie is the baggage handler. He’s muscular, with rust-colored hair that usually falls on his forehead. Although he is an orphan of around forty, he has the mentality of a child. He has no real home other than the baggage car. His main companion is a small dog he adopted, Scruffy. Even though dogs are against the rules, Henry doesn’t have the heart to forbid Willie his beloved companion. I learned the mane of the train is the number on the engine.

Willie's adorable dog, Scruffy


The Love Train books are released on the first and the fifteenth of each month. Here are the books:

Books in the Love Train Series


Book 1  ~ Pam Crooks ~ April 1


Book 2  ~ Shanna Hatfield ~ April 15


Book 3  ~ Margaret Tanner ~ May 1

Lula Mae

Book 4  ~ Charlene Raddon ~ May 15


Book 5  ~ Caroline Clemmons ~ June 1


Book 6  ~ Heather Blanton ~ June 15


Book 7  ~ Kit Morgan ~ July 1


Book 8  ~ Jo-Ann Roberts ~ July 15


Book 9 ~ Winnie Griggs ~ August 1


Book 10  ~ Linda Broday ~ August 15


The Love Train Series contains several of my favorite authors. I hope you’ll read each book in the series. The ten books can be found on the Love Train Series page on Amazon:

Thank you, Heroes and Heroines!


I can’t sign off without mentioning all those who serve or have served to defend our country, two minister to the wounded, and to care for their families. Thank you for your service! Thank you for putting your life on hold and on the line so that we can enjoy our freedom. You are heroes!

In the meantime, keep reading and stay safe.

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