Friday, June 24, 2022


 By Caroline Clemmons

I remember the first Nora Roberts novel I read, Irish Thoroughbred. That book inspired me and made me want to write my own romances. (Although, it was almost twenty years later before I was published.) Through the years, Ms Roberts has continued to amaze readers and publishers with her high quality writing and her amazing ability to produce large numbers of consistently good books. 

She is responsible for changing the way publishers thought. Previously, publishers believed that an author should not be overexposed and shouldn't publish many books a year. Nora Roberts disproved that theory. She's written far more than 200 books since Irish Thoroughbred was published. Writing as Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb, she continues to amaze readers.

I’ve met her at several conferences (no, she wouldn’t remember me) at which she was congenial to everyone. In addition, I know she has helped numerous writers and writers’ groups. You can tell, I am all fan girl for Nora Roberts.

HIDEAWAY is about a great acting family, such as the Barrymore and Redgrave lines. Here’s the official description:

A family ranch in Big Sur country and a legacy of Hollywood royalty set the stage for Nora Roberts’ emotional suspense novel, HIDEAWAY.

Caitlyn Sullivan had come from a long line of Hollywood royalty, stretching back to her Irish immigrant great-grandfather. At nine, she was already a star—yet still an innocent child who loved to play hide and seek with her cousins at the family home in Big Sur. It was during one of those games that she disappeared.

Some may have considered her a pampered princess, but Cate was in fact a smart, scrappy fighter, and she managed to escape her abductors. Dillon Cooper was shocked to find the bloodied, exhausted girl huddled in his house—but when the teenager and his family heard her story they provided refuge, reuniting her with her loved ones.

Cate’s ordeal, though, was far from over. First came the discovery of a shocking betrayal that would send someone she’d trusted to prison. Then there were years spent away in western Ireland, peaceful and protected  but with restlessness growing in her soul.

Finally, she would return to Los Angeles, gathering the courage to act again and get past the trauma that had derailed her life. What she didn’t yet know was that two seeds had been planted that long ago night—one of a great love and one of terrible vengeance.

 I loved this book! When I say I couldn’t put it down, I am being literal. The story painted the characters and setting vividly. Even had I not been to the places mentioned, I would have been able to envision the places mentioned.

The main character, Caitlyn Sullivan, is admirable. She’s smart, respectful to others, and a strong child who becomes a stronger adult. Dillon Cooper remains on his family ranch, but his love for Caitlyn doesn’t waiver. The suspense kept me unable to stop reading until the conclusion. Once again, Nora Roberts has given readers a captivating book that will remain with them for a long time.

Keep reading and stay safe! 

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