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Changing Seasons Trilogy by Nessa Nichols

Changing Seasons Trilogy 
by Nessa Nichols

Book Blurbs:


In the Autumn Air: Book1 

As the dead leaves were shedding from the trees, they were not the only part of nature in transition. Leaving behind that which once brought them life, Amelia Cavanaugh was leaving a life that once brought her joy, peace, and comfort. Heading out to Deer Creek State Park deep in the Colorado mountains, she was returning to a cabin where she knew love once lived. The love of her grandparents and, most recently, her grandmother. Upon her passing, Amelia inherited this cabin full of memories and for Amelia hope for a new future. The past required Amelia to leave everything behind. To her parents, it was drastic and unsettling. To her sister, it was concerning but to Amelia. It was freedom. She can bring her musical talent to life in the cabin and find love again in the middle of nowhere. The park ranger soon comes to take care of a bit more than just the state park. Having befriended Amelia’s grandmother and tending to many needs she had, Elias Flores became a friend and blessing to her grandmother. He never imagined Amelia would awaken his heart as well, but she does. In an attempt to give Amelia true freedom, Elias mistakenly causes quite a stir with a little folded piece of paper. 

Winter’s Chill: Book 2 
Winter sets in, and the cabin becomes quite a different setting. Amelia was used to visiting her grandmother in the summer but never imagined what cold was like in the Colorado mountains. Learning new things, such as wood chopping and gathering supplies, became necessary. Due to the unexpected prior twist with Elias, the winter weather was fitting for their chilly divide. Only through a near catastrophe can they come to terms, rekindle their friendship, and hopefully much more. Even in the tundra, things warm up before a well-tended fire within the cabin. 

The New Leaves of Spring: Book 3 
As the snow melted into blankets of green laced with flowers across the landscape, the winter freeze also moved away from Amelia and Elias forever. Understanding became vital in their ability to move through this particular Spring’s challenges. Her parents come to visit, bringing a surprise that requires her to come face to face with her past and end the pain, doubt, and regret once and for all. Mom finally figures out that maybe she does not know best, and Amelia learns that standing on her own two well-equipped feet is her best and only way to have a future worth living. Elias continues to be her cheerleader and protector. Sometimes the seasons of life seem impossible to get through, but in the end, the Spring always comes full of hope and a future. 



Amelia sighed, “You know what? You’re welcome to it. With how my day is going, it might be best to avoid learning fire starting on the internet for now. I’d hate to burn down the entire forest.”  

Elias chuckled and paused. “Hold on, just so were clear. It is a campfire we’re talking about? You weren’t thinking of burning down the cabin for the insurance money or anything? 

She laughed in return. “Yes, it’s a campfire. I could never do that to my grandmother’s house.” 


Author Bio:  

Nessa Nichols grew up in a small town in Texas. After receiving her master’s degree in English from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. She spent many years living in San Antonio, Texas, with her wonderful husband raising their two children. They spent many weekends enjoying the Texas Hill Country. From floating the Frio to shopping the creative artisan markets and especially the seasonal celebrations such as the Czhilispiel in Flatonia and the Watermelon Thump in Luling. Her husband’s work took them on another adventure as they now reside in “Sunny” Florida and have adopted two rambunctious Golden Retrievers. They now find themselves between the coastline and The Everglades enjoying life-growing experiences around every turn. When she’s not writing, Nessa is an avid reader with a vast collection of books she began collecting as a child. Writing, reading, and photography have been in her blood since birth. Her favorite place to find inspiration has always been walking on the beach. You will usually find her barefoot with her toes in the sand hearing to everything while listening to nothing as the wind off the waves sweeps the sand. Nessa loves to write especially love stories, clean and wholesome ones leaving the details to the imagination of the readers while filling them full of adventure. 


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