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The Choice: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 3 by Nora Roberts


The Choice: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 3
by Nora Roberts

The Choice is the third book in the Dragon Heart Legacy trilogy.  First, let me say that, like all Nora Roberts books, this one ends happily.  The fun part is seeing how she achieves that happy ending.

Breen Siobhan Kelly grew up on earth and was told by her mother that her father left her and never returned.  That was true as far as it went.  As a young adult, Breen finds out her father and grandmother sent her money that her mother has concealed.  Breen takes the money and goes to Ireland, a lifelong dream.  There, she finds a portal into the world of Talamh, where magic, fairies, elves, and people live in harmony with other beings.  She finds out her father was the ruler of this world and died fighting against his father, an evil God that wants to destroy not just Talamh, but all the worlds.

Breen starts learning magic, martial arts, and her own nature so she can defend against the evil God.  She becomes a dragon rider and works hard.  As the third book opens, Talamh is licking its wounds after a battle against the evil God and his minions.  Talamh won, but not without cost.  Breen knows she is the key to the final defeat of the evil God, but isn't sure how that is supposed to work.  While waiting and planning for the final battle, she writes books and trains.  Can she defeat the evil God, save all the worlds, and still have her happily ever after?

Nora Roberts does a great job at world-building.  Talamh is what everyone wants Ireland to be.  These books came out a year apart.  I wish I had re-read the series from the first book before reading this one, because I forgot some of the things that happened in the other books.  While this book can be read as a stand-alone book, it will be much more enjoyable if the series is read in order.  I definitely recommend the whole series.  These books are the perfect curl-up and read away an afternoon books!

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