Friday, April 21, 2023


 By Caroline Clemmons

My exciting news is that LEVI AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE released Friday, April 21, and you're invited to attend the party on Facebook at the Caroline's Cuties group page. I love Levi's story and hope you will, too. He's a good guy, even if he doesn't quite understand the working of the female mind. 

This is book 4 in the Texas Hill Country Mail Order Bride Series set in the fictitious town of Harrigan Springs near Bandera and Medina. That is a pleasant part of Texas with rolling hills and lovely valleys with creeks and rivers.

In addition to the westward movement from Easterners, many groups from Germany, Norway, and Alsace came directly to this area of Texas. Even after over two hundred years since these Europeans settled here, one can still hear other languages spoken. One of our friends who grew up there spoke only German until he started school. Of course, the first Europeans leave their stamp on the native population were the Spanish, many of whose missions remain. 

Levi Iverson was born in Norway, although he left there with his family when he was only four. He came to Harrigan Springs to open a smithy and gun repair business. Soon he also owned the nearby livery stable, which he improved with a more substantial building and more horses. Quietly, he has expanded his real estate holdings. He is a private person and a hard worker who is respected and well-liked by the community members. He's also a compassionate person who believes in fairness. He only wants to help Maeve out of a difficult position, but is propelled into a tough spot.

Although Levi has become prosperous, Maeve Kelly is virtually penniless. When her mother died, Maeve sold their farm and left Ireland to join her sister and brother in law in New York City. After months there, she is terribly discouraged by the way Irish are treated and where they work and live. She wants a husband and a family, but sees no future in her current circumstances. She loves her sister, but decides the only way to accomplish her goal is to become a mail order bride. When she meets the odious man she’s supposed to marry, she refuses. You would, too. But what is she to do instead? How can she repay the fare he sent her? She insists on earning her way, not in charity.

This is a sweet clean historical western romance set in a small town in 1876.

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A short excerpt:

(Levi is speaking) “Guess I will enjoy having someone cook meals for me and clean my home. Eating out occasionally is all right, but gets tiresome. Many days I’m too tired to bother. Coming home to find a meal waiting for me sounds pretty good. That is, as long as there are no strings attached.”

Jesse’s laughter rumbled. “Levi, anytime a woman’s involved, there are always strings dangling to tangle, twist, and tie up a man. In my case with Rosalin, it’s a lucky thing. Maybe you’ll enjoy having a housekeeper more than you think you will.”

He frowned at Jesse’s prediction. “Maybe, but I hope I haven’t made a giant mistake.”

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