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By Caroline Clemmons

Do you need something cheerful and uplifting to read? If so, grab your copy of the sweet historical western romance, MURDOCH’S BRIDE, while it’s on sale for 99¢ from May 12th - 16thBooks can educate and entertain. They can transport you to distant lands and other times. Books may make us laugh or cry or have us checking under the bed to be certain no one is hiding there.

Personally, I prefer a happily-ever-after ending in my reading (and writing). No matter the obstacle, I want everything to turn out well for the hero and heroine. That’s why I read and write historical and contemporary romance—and sometimes a time travel or cozy myster.

A book I especially enjoyed writing was MURDOCH’S BRIDE. I had a relative like the aunt in this book. You probably have, too. Charity lives up to her name in the way she treats her cantankerous aunt.

MURDOCJ’S BRIDE and the others in the Loving a Rancher Series were first published in Debra Holland’s Kindle World. When Amazon cancelled that program, I changed the supporting character names from Debra’s to mine and republished the books. Working with Debra was very pleasant, and I hated that Amazon discontinued that program.

 Here’s a bit about MURDOCH’S BRIDE:

Stranded in the snow…

Charity Kelso is accompanying her fussy Aunt Edwina from New York to Oregon when their train is wrecked and several passenger cars burn. Sweetwater Springs doesn’t have a hotel, so passengers are parceled out to townsfolk’s homes. No one wants anything to do with complaining Aunt Edwina. That also leaves Charity and their newly widowed friend Amelia nowhere to stay until the tracks are repaired. A new blizzard is headed their way, so what are they to do?

Logan Murdoch and his brother came to Sweetwater Springs to restock before the next storm arrives. Against Logan’s better judgment, the sheriff convinces him to take three “innocent, stranded women” to Murdoch Ranch. Other than their housekeeper-cook, a woman hasn’t set foot in the Murdoch home in the twenty years since Logan’s mother abandoned them. He doesn’t expect his father to welcome these unwanted visitors.

Both Charity and Logan are surprised at the events that unfold. How could this have happened?

Snowstorms can be beautiful, but deadly

As if being stranded in the snow with a griping aunt isn’t bad enough, Charity hates that she is powerless and trapped in place. She and Logan spar from the first time they met. 

Here’s an excerpt:

 The Murdoch men came inside as Charity came down the stairs from fetching a clean handkerchief for her aunt.

Logan said, “Ornery old cow.”

Charity gave Edwina her hanky and stomped toward him. “Mr. Murdoch, may I speak to you privately?”

Surprise showed on his face. “Uh, sure. Guess we can go into the office.”

He led the way to a room she hadn’t seen, obviously where the ranch records were kept. “Will this do, Miss Kelso?”

She closed the door behind them. “Logan Murdoch, you have your nerve calling my aunt names. For your information, she’s had a horrible life and no one, not her selfish parents, not her cheating husband, not even her only son ever loved her. And, that includes my father, who’s her younger brother.”

He stood looking poleaxed. “I never said—” 

She stabbed at his chest with her forefinger. “I heard what you said. You called her an ornery old cow. She may be difficult sometimes, but if you knew everything about her you’d understand and be patient and forgiving. You can make fun of me all you want, emphasizing that I’m Miss and not Mrs., but you treat her with the respect someone her age deserves.”

He moved her hand away from his chest and leaned into her face. “You might try practicing some of the charity you’re named for and at least give me a chance to defend myself. I was talking about our cow. In case you haven’t noticed, I have milk all over my legs and boots because she knocked against the pail.”

Heat rushed to Charity’s cheeks. She stepped back. “Oh.”

He stood with his hands on his hips. “That’s a good comeback, Miss Kelso.”

She sensed a blush’s heat spreading across her face and neck. “Once again, I must ask your pardon.”

“When you’re angry, sparks fly from those big blue eyes. Reckon I’m lucky I wasn’t set on fire.” He closed the short distance between them and he brushed a hand gently along her cheek.

She knew he was going to kiss her but stood frozen in place. He tilted her head up to meet his and pressed his lips on hers. She thought he would withdraw then, but his arms were around her, pulling her closer. As if they had minds of their own, her arms encircled him.

When they broke apart, he stared at her with a horrified expression. “Damn.”

With the realization she’d cooperated in the kiss and even enjoyed it, horror shot through her. “My stars.”

She took a deep breath and left the office.


You can find MURDOCH’S BRIDE here:


Ornery cow.

Stay safe and keep reading!


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