Friday, May 06, 2011


Remember the cute western song, "Betty Got A Bass Boat" from several years ago? I love that song. One reason is because it reminds me of my most unusual Mother's Day gift, a bass boat. 

Those who know me vouch that I am NOT outdoorsy. My idea of roughing it is staying at a La Quinta that's not close to a mall or bookstore. But Hero loves fishing. One of his favorite sayings is, "I'll bet they're jumping in the boat, I can feel it."

When we were in our thirties, we built our first dream house in Rockwall TX on the edge of Lake Ray Hubbard. Lovely spot on the eastern lakeshore which allowed me to fulfill my love of H/AC and him to fish to his heart's content. 

Hero is one of those wonderful men who always puts his family first in everything. Literally. So, here he is fishing in this little aluminum boat with a small motor, and apparently feeling pretty happy because he has provided a nice house for his family and he can go fishing whenever he wishes--except for work, of course. Work can really cut into your hobby time, can't it?

One of the best things about living on a lake's shore is looking out at the view. I loved being able to look out the kitchen window, breakfast area, family room, daughters' rooms, and master bedroom to look at the lake, especially at sunset. But a lake view is beautiful anytime of day or night.

This particulat body of water was built as a water reservoir for Dallas. Most of the land where Hero's great grandparents settled had been condemned as part of the lake. Hero remembered how to locate the old well and farm tank on that farm from landmarks and could always catch fish for our dinner. (Now he usually catches and releases),

Lake Ray Hubbard is large by Texas standards and prevailing winds can create some rough waves. Too rough for a tiny little boat like Hero's. One day I noticed the sky had clouded over and waves risen. I ran upstairs to our bedroom to see if I could spot Hero returning from his fishing trip. There he was, his red coverall a dot in his tiny yellow boat across the lake. He'd go Up on a wave, then dowN between them. Up, down, up, down. Then...he went down, disappeared, and didn't come back up!

I panicked but searched longer. After what was probably a few seconds and seemed at least an hour, there he popped up again. Like I had been welded to the floor, I watched until he reached land. 

When he returned to the house, wet and tired, I lit into him. "For Mother's Day, I'd better get a bigger, safer boat!"

Yep, Caroline got a bass boat.

What's the weirdest gift you've given or received?   

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