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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


For What Are You Thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving heralds my favorite season--Christmas. I look forward all year to Christmas and buying gifts (most of which I do online). But I don’t want the upcoming Christmas holiday to wipe out the importance of Thanksgiving. Most of us have a great deal for which we can give thanks. First, I'm s-o-o grateful I'm not a turkey. Facetiousness aside, Hurricane Sandy and other recent disasters have emphasized how temporary are our physical possessions. We love our tangible comforts, but there is way more to life than "things."

A reminder of our blessings are the Four Freedom series painted by the late Norman Rockwell. He remains one of my favorite illustrators.

I have a loving family. Okay, I admit we are eccentric, but within socially acceptable range (mostly). My Hero husband is truly my soul mate for whom I give thanks to God several times daily. Our daughters are loving individuals who have tried their best in all their endeavors.

Freedom From Want

Each of us can worship wherever he or she wishes. There is no state religion, religion is not forbidden. We are privileged to live in a country that guarantees that freedom, thanks to Thomas Jefferson's foresight. The United States is primarily a Judeo-Christian country, but all religions are welcome.

Freedom of Religion

Each of us can get an education. Even those unable to attend college can continue their education through reading books without limitations. Yay, reading! No one tells us what we can or can't read. Well, if you're a kid, your parents can curtail your reading subjects, but there are plenty of kid-friendly books in all genres. Adults also have wide choices.

Freedom of Speech

We recently had an election in which mud was slung in all directions. Yet, in all of that, I am thankful that we can vote our choice as we choose. There is no need to argue, because our vote speaks for us. Now we can all move forward and--please--get along! Aren’t we lucky to have the freedoms we have?

What would we do without our computers, air-conditioners, heaters, appliances, electricity, iPhones, e-readers, and more? Who could have imagined they would become so important to us, but I am grateful for all my gadgets and appliances, aren't you?

The weather this time of year is glorious here in North Central Texas. Contrary to some opinions, we do have color changes, and this year the leaves are especially colorful.

I am able to write the books I love and publish them when and where I choose. I love the power that gives me. Not riches, but I am doing something I love and am actually earning money from my endeavor. And I am grateful readers are buying my books.

Freedom From Fear

That’s not all for which I’m thankful. How could I list everything here? One major area of gratitude is for YOU, Dear Reader. Thank you for reading my blog, my books, and showing up. I appreciate each of you more than you can ever know!

Whether you go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house or eat dinner alone in front of your television, may your day be happy. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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katsrus said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I am happy to have a Thanksgiving meal as I know there are others who cannot.
Sue B