Thursday, February 14, 2013


Wherever you are, I hope your sweetie and you have a wonderful day. Hero and I celebrated a day early with a lovely dinner at a local restaurant.

Hero and I have both been working diligently on my next release, the third in the Men of Stone Mountain series, BLUEBONNET BRIDE. In addition, we are updating some of the first covers we attempted to make them a bit more appealing to readers. That's what writers' lives are about: pleasing readers!

With each book, we want you to love the cover, love the story, and wait eagerly for the next release. So, Hero is trying very hard to make my books as visually appealing as possible while I try just as hard to make the story as appealing and interesting as possible.

And now to announce the winner of my part of the FIRST'S BLOG HOP.

M Lawson is the winner of a kindle copy of BRAZOS BRIDE. I'll be emailing her to let her know. In the meantime, please keep reading my blog and commenting.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during the FIRSTS BLOG HOP February 10-13. This is the first year for this blog hop. I hope we do it again, don't you?

Now, here's a peek at my new cover for the novella HAPPY IS THE BRIDE. I wrote this novella for an anthology in 2004 and recovered the rights to it in 2011. I self-published it, but was never truly happy with the cover. We used an historic church near us, that is privately owned and a setting for local weddings. Unfortunately, the church doesn't photo well because it's not in a very pretty setting. Over the years, a fire station and other buildings have crowded it. I think the photo below is much nicer.

Although this is only a novella, we decided to also offer it in print on Amazon.

Next week I'll give you a peek at BLUEBONNET BRIDE and its cover. Poor Hero went through three covers before our "consultants" approved a final cover. In case you wonder who the consultants are, they are other writers. The book will officially release on February 25th, but I might be able to give away a few copies before then.

Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for stopping by!


katsrus said...

That cover is beautiful! Happy Valentines Day.
Sue B

Unknown said...

Caroline, you've changed your page header again! I never know what I'll find when I pop over here to read your blog. Variety is the spice of life, they say. :-)

After thoroughly enjoying the first two in te series, I'm looking forward to BLUEBONNET BRIDE! And that is a gorgeous cover for HAPPY IS THE BRIDE.