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I'll be giving away three ebook copies of THE MOST UNSUITABLE COURTSHIP and three ebook copies of GABE KINCAID on August 1st. To enter, simply leave a comment between now and midnight July 31st telling me why you like western romance.

Even though I have a variety of posts scheduled for this time period, the contest will continue each day.

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Dear Readers, today my guest is the heroine from my latest release, Kathryn Elizabeth Worthington, from GABE KINCAID, book four of the Kincaid series. I thought you might like to learn more about her, so I’m happy she’s agreed to an interview. She arrives dressed in a dress of gorgeous blue foulard trimmed with white lace. Down the front are ribbon revers forming bretelles that edge a vest made of rows of the lace laid outside the foulard. Sleeves are half-long with a little jabot of lace and a small bow of ribbon set inside the arm. A rosette of matching blue ribbon is in her auburn hair.

Caroline: Ms Worthington, please tell us something about growing up.

Kathryn sits and adjusts her skirts. When she smiles, her green eyes twinkle: Please, call me Katie. I grew up in Savannah, Georgia. My father and mother were both only children, and we lived with my Worthington grandparents. My grandmother died when I was ten, and then my parents died when I was twelve. After that, my grandfather and I were left with only one another. I’m afraid he spoiled me, but I’ve tried not to become self-centered. How I loved our life. We had many friends and traveled up and down the eastern seacoast.

Caroline: What changed that?

Katie smoothes a hand self-consciously down her skirt: When my grandfather died, I witnessed the men responsible. I had to escape them without endangering any of my friends. You see, one of the men was a trusted friend who knew everything about me.

Caroline: That must have been frightening. What did you do?

Katie: I’d never been so scared in my life. In spite of my sorrow over losing my grandfather, I escaped by joining the circus as Dorothy Duncan.

Caroline: That was clever. Do you think your friends believed you’d died?

Katie: Not my best friend, Mary Lou Chitwood. The men who killed my grandfather made it look as if I killed him and fled. I corresponded with Mary Lou. (Katie smiles) She told her parents I was a friend from school traveling the country with her parents. That way she could write to me when I let her know the circus’ scheduled stops.

Caroline:  What did you do with the circus?

Katie: At first I washed dishes in the employee dining room behind the circus tent. That was dreary. Then I mended costumes and made new ones, which I enjoyed. My favorite job was as the fortuneteller, Maharani Shimza, Mystic of the East. That crazy name was the circus owner’s idea and so was the ridiculous turban he had me wear. To make myself look the part, I dyed my hair black. I made a cute costume based on a picture in a book I’d found at a library of a town we stayed in. The book was about India, and showed this lovely garment called a sari.

Caroline: Why was that fun? Can you really tell fortunes?

Katie: Why, yes, I can. You see, when we were at school, Mary Lou and I found a book about reading palms and what all the lines mean. I studied the book and amused my classmates by telling their fortunes. So, when I became the circus fortuneteller, I was able to use that knowledge on the people who bought tickets. Sometimes they were so happy they’d give me a tip, and I got to keep that for myself.

Caroline: Did you enjoy living with the circus?

Katie ponders the question: Not really, even though there were some things I did like. For instance, seeing different parts of the country was interesting. But I missed my home and friends. I liked my roommate, but I hated our cramped quarters. I was afraid the men after me might find me, so I was never really comfortable unless I wore my costume.

Caroline: What happened to end your time with the circus?

Katie smiles mysteriously: You’ll have to read the book to find out. I will tell you that the answer involves a wonderful man named Gabe Kincaid.

Caroline: Why, I do believe you’re blushing. Folks, here’s where you can buy GABE KINCAID, book four of the Kincaids:

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Brandi said...

I looove Cowboys! They are my favorites to read about! They are dedicated, strong, caring & hardworking. That's what I love most! =)

Thank you for the giveaway!

Take care, & I hope you have a great day!
BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

Bookworm Lisa said...

I love to read Westerns because of the characters. Usually they are hardworking and dedicated people who have a lot to give. I love the honesty in the emotions and plot.

lisaisabookworm at gmail dot com