Friday, July 04, 2014


Welcome to the Sassafras and Spurs Blog Hop, organized by the ladies at the Stilettos at High Noon Blog. Talk about the Grand Prize at the end of this post. We’re all western writers, so that’s what we’re talking about on this Blog Hop.

I love writing western romance. Although I write contemporary mysteries and romances, my absolute favorite thing in the world is immersing myself in writing a western historical romance. My books are set between 1870 and 1890 in Texas. At least, most of the book takes place in Texas even though a couple of them start elsewhere.

Would I want to live during that time period? No, thank you. I love my appliances, cental air, comfy car, and all the other things we think of as modern. In spite of that, I am fascinated with the Old West.

During that era, people who lived on ranches and farms had to be self-reliant. No corner convenience store for bread and milk, no big box store for supplies, no ER or ambulance, no phone to call 911 in case of trouble. I probably wouldn’t have lasted long back then, but I love reading and writing about that time.

One of these western historical romances is my latest release, GABE KINCAID, book four of the Kincaids, takes place in the latter part of this period.

The locale is a small town in Central Texas, not a ranch. Gabe Kincaid is an attorney, not a cowboy or sheriff. Still, he’s an officer of the court and very interested in justice.

Katie Worthington would be interested in justice if she thought she would ever see it happen. She walked in on two powerful men who’d murdered her grandfather and is on the run from them. To escape, she joined the circus.

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Mary Preston said...

A fantastic hop & I must say your book looks amazing.


Jan Hougland said...

Hello again Caroline! I'm a little late getting into this blog hop because of a mini-vacay away from home for the 4th, but I'm finally here! :-) Mainly because I am very, very, very fond of western romances, historical or contemporary. Thanks for your post!

Anonymous said...

Just bought your book, Caroline. Looks great.

Quilt Lady said...

Hi Caroline, I love the cover of your books and I do love western romance, its my favorite thing to read.