Monday, January 12, 2015


If you remember, I told you my plotting partners and I plotted some mighty fine books last week, if I do say so myself. I thought you might like to see proof of us at work. Yes, it was hard work. We tossed out ideas for one another until way past one each morning, then climbed out of bed and headed for coffee six hours later.

On most of these sessions, we go to a hotel. When the hotel raised their rates, we rebelled and rented a house. For the same price we had been spending for two rooms, we had an entire home and each of us had a private bedroom and bath. Not that we can't share rooms, because we are all grown up and know how to be polite. But privacy is great--especially when you've just spent eighteen hours with the same three people. And the quiet was wonderful. No banging down the hall or overhead. Plus, we could work in our jammies and robe if we wanted. (Kathy did) I forgot my robe and the weather was too cool for just jammies.

The champion plotter is Geri Foster. She has been a plotting friend for over ten years and a friend for twice that. In fact, I wouldn't know what to do without her as a friend. She may be wearing her Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, but we were not Mickey-Mousing around. Okay, we did laugh a lot and eat a lot, but we worked hard, I promise you.

No, we didn't open all those bags of chips you can see in the kitchen behind Geri. Each of us thought, "I'll just toss in a bag or two of chips."

Geri Foster helping us plot

Sylvia McDaniel also writes western historical romance and she "gets" what I'm trying to convey. We laughed because we had similar stories in mind, but the plots turned out very different. I've known Sylvia for twenty years, too. In fact, I owe getting published to Sylvia. When she and three of her friends sold to Kensington in 1998, she was kind enough to tell me the name of her editor and what she was buying. Sylvia prepared a yummy crockpot stew and a pan of cornbread for one night's dinner.

Sylvia McDaniel making notes on her laptop
with a throw over her legs and feet

Kathy Shaw is another two-decade friend and is as funny as all get out. She adds a lot of humor to our sessions as well as some good ideas. Kathy is one of those who shared her editor at Kensington. I love her sense of humor. She's writing a wonderful romantic suspense now. Kathy prepared a delicious enchilada casserole for dinner one night. And she brought extra of her famous white-chocolate-covered pretzels so I could take some home to Hero.

. Kathy was gracious enough to stand near the wall so I could capture the fireplace in the photo. By the way, the fire was wonderful since the weather was damp and cold.

Our plans now are to write with our fingers flying over our keyboards and produce these great new books we planned. Stay tuned! In addition to her Falcon books, Geri Foster has a wonderful new series planned. If you join her newsletter, you'll get free installments of the first in the series twice a month. Sylvia McDaniel has a new novella series planned in addition to her next Lipstick and Lead series release. Sylvia will keep you informed if you join her newsletter. As I mentioned above, Kathy Shaw is writing a romantic suspense, and it's set in New Orleans. I've planned a new Stone Mountain Texas book, a McClintock book, and a new series. Join my mailing list at the top of the sidebar to be informed of new releases.

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Bookie said...

This was a fun post to read because it was obvious you all had such a great time. I would love to do soemthing like this but for now I'm enjoying your fun!

Chrys Fey said...

Great pictures! Now I wish I had plotting partners.