Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Earlier this week, I completed (I hope) a family book on my dad’s family on which my brother and I have been working the past few years. We had the text done and I was compiling and inserting pages of photos, all carefully labeled. The entire book was complete, I hit save . . .  and disaster struck. 

Turns out I didn’t have enough ram (which I don’t really understand) to save all the pages and pages of photos I’d assembled. Yikes! I feared I’d lost the entire 378-page book. Hero came to the rescue (as he always does) and salvaged most of my work.

Me at four with my dad when we lived in California.
He asked me to write about his family, so I enlisted my younger brother to help. We've finally finished the book.
Then I began the annoying task of recreating lost material. Don’t you hate when that happens? Perhaps you are more computer savvy so that traumatizing incidents like this one don’t happen to you. For your sake, I hope so. I never wanted to be a computer science person; all I ever wanted to do was write my stories. Too late, I realize modern writers have to be computer gurus at times. Thank heavens my renaissance-man Hero is well-informed on this field.

This episode reminds me of a cute cartoon Darling Daughter 2 has on her refrigerator. It shows a housewife mixing a cake to instructions on the television. She has a shocked look on her face as the TV chef says, “For this next part, you’ll need algebra.”

I’m also reminded of the tee-shirt that bears the slogan, “They didn’t tell me this would involve math.”

So, you see my dilemma. The monitor and keyboard are my friends. Those little things going on in the cpu-boxy-thing are a mystery to me. All I want to do is write, not figure out computer problems (or math problems). Thankfully, romantic fiction does not involve either of those. I’m safe—except for this family book. Thanks to Hero, I’m even safe there. 

I hope your year is off to a great start with even better days to come!

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Mary Preston said...

My mother has been writing her memoirs. I love the idea of compiling a book. HARD work though.

lsmoore49 said...

I love the picture of you and your dad. Several years ago I did a type of book/genealogy of my grandpa. It's a treasure to me and my siblings. So after that I did one of our grandma too. It was harder to find information about her, but I found it after long hours of searching via an email on a genealogy site. Both have lots & lots of pictures that make them family treasure for sure. I'm so glad you had someone to help you save all that hard work.
It's fun and lots of work doing the type of research my sister and I did, so the thought of losing it would have been the worst ever!!!

dwharton1 said...
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dwharton1 said...

I love memoirs and yes it must be very hard work. It's hard enough when you are trying to keep your kids up through life just telling them about different relatives so they know the family and who is who.

And the Picture of you and your dad...awesome! I have a few pics of the last few years of our dad with all of us and they are priceless.

Thank you so much for the notice of my winning the December drawing. It is very exciting. :)

Would you mind sending me a "Hey"?

Idahoal783 said...

I glad that you continue to work hard with the boxy thing that I don't understand either, but it does make it easier for you to continue to write some wonderful books. Your picture with your grandfather looks similar to one of me and my Dad also in California.
Keep up the fun stories, loved your Brazos Brides stories and the double one with Jacquie Rogers.