Sunday, March 01, 2015


What a wonderful and hectic weekend this has been. My online friend Susan Horsnell and her husband Robert arrived Thursday from Australia. In addition to their other trip goals, Susan hoped to meet several western historical authors and see Texas firsthand. To help welcome them, Hero and I hosted a little get together Sunday. Several authors and their spouses came to meet Susan in person after knowing her online for several years.

Susan Horsnell (in white) shows Hebby Roman
and Kirsten Osbourne something on her laptop

In addition to moi, writers included Susan Horsnell, Kirsten Osbourne, Carra Copelin, Lyn Horner, Brenda Chitwood, and Hebby Roman. In addition to Hero, husbands included Robert, Keith, Jerry, Ken, and Luis.

Carra Copelin's hubby Jerry and Robert Horsnell at table. Kirsten Osbourne's husband Keith in dark red shirt in the corner is talking to Luis Roman (behind Jerry).
You can image my excitement.  Hero and I used to give huge dinner parties, but we have so-o-o lost the knack. Panic! Darling Daughter 2 came to help out. Eventually we realized these are friends who are not going to be super critical as long as there’s enough to eat and lots of laughter. 
You can’t get a group of writers together and not have talking and laughing. Not possible. You may have heard the din from where you are.

Carra Copelin and Lyn Horner with me
standing behind Lyn
You may wonder why Susan writes Texas-set historical romances when she lives in Australia. Why not? Many Americans write English Regencies or English-set mysteries. Besides, those of us who love the Old West can’t help ourselves. Another besides, Susan also writes books set in Australia. We simply have to tell our stories. 

Hero and Luis Roman

There are a lot of similarities between the Australian frontier and the Old West of the United States. Perhaps that’s why writing stories set in Texas came natural to Susan. (She also writes erotica as Lacey Roberts and those are set anywhere.)

Darling Daughter 2 and Hero

Susan is a retired nurse and, as such, has worked in a variety of interesting jobs. She’s very knowledgeable and adept at discussing medicine. Robert is a retired Commodore from the Royal Australian Navy, which means he’s only one step from an Admiral. Sounds impressive, but he’s a very down-to-earth guy who’s a good conversationalist.  

Carra Copelin, Lyn Horner, and Brenda Chitwood

In addition to her writing, Susan hosts the free website and blog, Easychair Book Shop at Susan demonstrates her nurturing ability by promoting other authors work on her site. Stop by and check out the site if you haven’t already done so.

Hmmm. Masked bandit is wearing the same shirt as Brenda. 

During their visit, we had great plans for touring Fort Worth, but snow and ice played havoc with those plans. Sadly, Susan and Robert are leaving Tuesday to head for Houston, San Antonio and New Orleans. They’ll return here the 16th for several nights before boarding their plane to return home.

Susan forefront in white. Behind her, left to right, Lyn Horner in green, Carra Copelin in flowered top, Brenda Chitwood, Hebby Roman in black and burgundy, Kirsten Osbourne in turquoise print, and (sadly) me, in a flowing tunic that makes me look the size of a house. So much for wearing a knit tunic to be comfortable!
Hero and I count ourselves very fortunate to have Susan and Robert visit. Wish you could have been here too! Next time we’ll save a bowl of chili and some cornbread for you.

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Rain Trueax said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about you all meeting. Such a neat thing to experience. I bet the creative energy was sky high :)