Friday, February 24, 2017


Meredith Schorr Tour
by Meredith Schorr

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

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Jane Frank is ready to fall in love. It’s been a year since her first and only relationship ended and far too long since the last time she was kissed. With the LSAT coming up, she needs to find a boyfriend (or husband) before acing law school and becoming a partner at her father’s firm. There’s just one problem: all the guys in New York City are flakes. Interested one day and gone the next, they seemingly drop off the face of the earth with no warning and no explanation.

In her misguided belief that life doesn’t really start until you get married and have kids, Jane jumps from one extreme to the next trying to force a happily ever after until she breaks. Will she ever find her path, and can she do it without alienating her friends and family and risking her career in the process?


“Do you like sports?” he asked.

“No,” I answered honestly.

“What do you do for fun?”

“I cook and bake. Are you a foodie?”

“I’m allergic to shellfish, fish, and peanuts, and I’m lactose resistant. I also have a weak palette. Food doesn’t wow me.” He took a sip of his beer as if not at all burdened by what would be my worst nightmare.

I had no idea how to respond. “I can’t even imagine.”

He shrugged. “Some folks live to eat and I eat to live.”

We stood in silence for a few seconds during which I suspected we had nothing in common besides a mutual interest in a legal career. Doubtful he’d be escorting me to Bob and Trish’s party, I glanced around the room hoping to spot another eligible bachelor.

“Do you like to bowl? My firm is hosting a bowl-a-thon on Monday night and we need cheerleaders.”

My eyes opened wide at his unexpected invitation. I was hesitant to accept his offer since I was pretty certain there would be no love connection between Todd and me.

“If you go with me, maybe we’ll get you your own ‘Schwetty Ballz’ team hat. I bet you’d look real cute in it.”

I pictured myself at Bob and Trish’s housewarming party—the sad and lonely ex-girlfriend. Since I was desperate to keep that from becoming reality, there was only one answer. Smiling at Todd, I said, “I’d love to.”

Meredith Schorr, Author

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A born-and-bred New Yorker, Meredith Schorr discovered her passion for writing when she began to enjoy drafting work-related emails way more than she was probably supposed to. After trying her hand penning children’s stories and blogging her personal experiences, Meredith found her calling writing chick lit and humorous women’s fiction. She secures much inspiration from her day job as a hardworking trademark paralegal and her still-single (but looking) status. Meredith is a loyal New York Yankees fan, an avid runner, and an unashamed television addict. To learn more, visit her at

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I’ll be awarding a $20 Amazon or BN Gift Card to one person who comments on this blog.


Mary Preston said...

The excerpt had me laughing. I'm going to love this.

Christina Riggs said...

I hope she finds true love, and just not a man to validate or make her worthy as a woman.

Shannon Tusler said...

Haven't had a chance to read your work yet, but it looks good!

Dianne Casey said...

You are a new author to me and I really enjoyed the synopsis of your book. Looking forward to reading "A State of Jane".

Dianne Casey said...

You are a new author to me and I really enjoyed the synopsis of your book. Looking forward to reading "A State of Jane".

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you!

Joseph Wallace said...

Thanks for hosting the giveaway. It looks like an interesting read. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

Anna Josefin Bergman said...

Thanks for the chance! Sounds like a great read.

Meredith said...

Thanks so much for sharing my release :)

Kara Marks said...

This looks really good--I'd love to read the book!

Caroline Clemmons said...

BERNIE WALLACE IS THE WINNER. Bernie, I'll email you gift to you.