Friday, March 24, 2017


Announcing a new release is such fun! This one is in the Montana Sky Series and is titled BRIDE’S ADVENTURE. I promise you that writing this book was difficult. My personal life while I was writing this book was proof of Murphy’s Law—“Anything that can go wrong, will”. Everything is getting all sorted now, thank goodness. I'll give away an e-copy of BRIDE'S ADVENTURE to two people who comment on this blog post.

I do hope you enjoy reading BRIDE’S ADVENTURE! Fans of Debra Holland’s books will meet numerous characters you recognize. If you've read my previous Montana Sky release, MURDOCH’S BRIDE, you’ll see my characters re-appear in this book. This story genuinely is an adventure for heroine Amelia Douglas as well as a romance. The main characters for BRIDE'S ADVENTURE, Amelia Douglas and her hero Sean Murdoch, were introduced in MURDOCH'S BRIDE. I enjoy series where you read about characters you met in another book and I hope you do, too.


Several people have asked what a “Kindle World” is. Amazon has numerous “Kindle Worlds” but the one in which I write is Debra Holland’s. This means that Debra Holland does not write in this world, but chose authors to take characters from her popular Montana Sky series and write a book in which Debra's characters are secondary "supporting cast" and use her locale. In this instance, I’ve set BRIDE'S ADVENTURE in Sweetwater Springs, Montana Territory in 1887.


This part of the United States suffered a tragic summer of 1886 and winter of 1886-87. A terrible drought struck in 1886 that started in Texas and moved upward toward Canada. Some farming and ranching areas received only 2 inches of rain that summer. Crops, gardens, and animals as well as people suffered. Following this was the coldest winter on record. In Montana Territory, temperatures reached minus 40 degrees in some places. Animals and people froze. Even many ranchers who survived went bankrupt and were forced to move on. 


The heroic ranchers in my stories were forward thinking men who planned ahead and were able to survive. That's fortunate for them and for the heroines. ☺  


This is my fourth Kindle World book in this series. The first two are AMANDA’S RANCHER and THE RANCHER AND THE SHEPHERDESS, each of which was set mostly in Morgan's Crossing. The third is MURDOCH’S BRIDE, set in Sweetwater Springs. 

Skhye Moncrief designed the covers for these books.

Here’s the blurb for BRIDE’S ADVENTURE:

After a distressing visit to her brother in Oregon, Amelia Douglas returns to her friends in Sweetwater Springs, Montana Territory. The millinery shop she establishes is popular with area women—except for two troublemakers. When she believes her life is near perfect, trouble arrives and requires her quick thinking.

Sean Murdoch has made up his mind that Amelia is the one for him. He tries to bide his time until she’s had time to get her business flourishing but he’s finding waiting harder and harder. When a problem arises, he lends support to her surprising decision. 

Here’s an excerpt from BRIDE’S ADVENTURE:
Amelia smoothed the front of her gray traveling suit before she gathered her valise. Thank goodness the rails had been cleared of the accident and she could take the train all the way to Sweetwater Springs. Would the Murdoch family be there to meet her or would Charity or Sean come alone?
Steam hissed as the train screeched to a halt. Passengers stood and gathered their belongings. How different this arrival was than the one in February when there had been a locomotive accident in the snow followed by passenger cars burning. Remembering that time sent shivers through her body.
When Amelia stepped off the rail car, Charity hurried forward to embrace her. “You’re finally here. We were so worried when you asked me not to write you at your brother’s address. You have to explain when we get to the ranch.”
Charity held Amelia’s shoulders as she stepped back to assess her. “Amelia! I’m so happy to see you in something besides black.”
“John liked me in pastels and I decided I do too. Strange as it sounds, I feel as if I’ve come home.” She hugged Edwina Murdoch, Charity’s aunt and wife of Kevin. What confusing family relationships.
Kevin, father of the Murdoch clan, hugged her and planted a kiss on her cheek. “About time you got back here.”
Charity’s husband, Logan, dutifully pecked her cheek. “Good to have you back. Give me the claim check and I’ll fetch your trunk.”
She held her breath when Sean Murdoch grinned and kissed her cheek. “Our adventurer returns. We’ve been curious as all get out about the goings on in Salem.” He held her a bit longer than necessary or proper.
“The story is long so I’ll wait until we’re at your home to relate my tale. You’re correct, though, I’ve had an adventure—far more than I expected.”

Many thanks to those of you who made MURDOCH’S BRIDE another Amazon Kindle World bestseller! You boosted my morale and my career. I appreciate your help more than I can express.


Juli D. Revezzo said...

Good luck with your new release, Caroline! It looks intriguing! I wonder what's plaguing Amelia and Shaun, here. Hmmm....

Caroline Clemmons said...

Juli, you've won a copy of the book.