Monday, June 12, 2017


Who doesn’t love a happy ending? In my opinion, most romances offer a fairy-tale plot: the heroine has a problem, she meets her prince, something keeps them apart, they overcome the obstacle to reach a happily-ever-after. After you read a book of this type, you have a warm feeling inside. As a reader, you’re happier and ready to overcome your own obstacles to happiness.

I’m a member of several Facebook special interest groups. Today I’d like to share with you The Glass Slipper Sisters on Facebook and on their website. The amazing Stacy Juba founded this group, which includes NYTimes and USA bestselling authors of both contemporary and historical romances. We have a lot of magic going on in this group.

Each Monday on the Facebook site, we have what’s called “Magical Monday”, and that means that (usually) one of the authors offers a giveaway with swag included. All you have to do is comment to be entered. My turn is now, June 12, but I’ll wait until Wednesday to announce the winner. In case you’re not already a member, the url is

There is a FREE (my favorite price)  Cinderella Treasure Trove of recipes, excerpts from some of our books, and other trivia available at I didn’t shorten the link because some people are afraid to click on the shortened versions. I believe Lynette Sofras compiled the Treasure Trove from our submissions.

Thursdays offer Tiara Thursday when we invite members to discuss a good book they’ve read or a movie they’ve seen. This doesn’t have to be fairy tale themed but simply a book or movie you enjoyed. I recently saw an old movie called “Wild Oats” which I enjoyed. And I recently read The Little Beach Street Bakery series, which does have the required HEA.

Fridays offer Fairy Tale Fridays when author members can post excerpts of their work in progress or one of their released romances. I recently shared an excerpt from my latest release, LORRAINE, Bride Brigade Book 6. That series is sort of a fairy tale theme with Lydia Harrison acting the role of fairy godmother for seven young women. Now I’m working on SNARE HIS HEART and I’ll include an excerpt from that one Friday soon before the July 15 release.

The Glass Slipper Sisters has a new web site created by Stacy Juba! You'll love browsing and shopping on our fun new web site at  We have welcomed several new authors to the group including more NY Times and USA Today bestselling writers. On our website you can read author bios, get links to freebies and special offers, browse our brand new Amazon store, and check out our Facebook group.
Why not head on over to the Glass Slipper Sisters Facebook site and sign up? We’ll welcome you. Then, check out our website. We're a busy group of writers and we want to share with you. You don't have to wear a tiara to participate.
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