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Summertime… and the livin’ is not so easy for me. For the past several days, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has had orange ozone alert days with warnings to stay inside if you have health problems. We can see the air, which is never a good thing. That’s how we know it’s summer in these parts.☺

As for me, I’m a fan of cool weather so this is definitely not my favorite season. I stay close to the A/C and keep ice water or cold Dr Pepper handy and my ceiling fan swirling overhead. Although I don’t enjoy the 96 degrees F we had today, I enjoy a lot of things that happen this time of year.

For instance, graduations. Matthew Rogers, the grandson of my longtime Lubbock friend, Iris Dial Rogers, has graduated from high school. How can he be old enough? Only a few years ago (or so it seems!) I was one of Iris’ bridesmaids when she married Clarence Rogers. Then, when their daughter Clarissa married, I served cake and punch at the reception—along with Darlene, another of Iris’ former bridesmaids. We each wore the brooch Iris had given us as a bridesmaid gift for being in her wedding. Time flies when you’re not looking!

For a small fee, you can harvest your
own lavender at the Lavender Festival.

I enjoy the festivals held throughout the state—probably they’re throughout the entire country but I only keep up with local events. Over the weekend near Gainesville, the Lavender Festival was a success. Not as large as the one at Blanco, Texas, it’s still a fun outing. If it continues to grow, they’ll have to increase the size of their café. The café offers lavender flavored ice cream, tea, and other foods seasoned with lavender. I have lavender-flavored peach jam for my breakfast toast. Mmmm.

Speaking of peaches, the Parker County Peach Festival will happen on July 8. Hero and I used to own a peach orchard. While I'm quite content to no longer have that responsibility, I still miss eating a peach fresh from the tree. Peaches never taste sweeter than when you pluck them, wash them, and take a bite. Washing is optional, of course, but we chose to do so. While we owned the orchard, we picked fruit early in the day and were finished by about half past nine. Peaches last longer if picked before they get too heated in the day. I also last longer if I'm inside before that time. ☺

Daughter Bea, left, and me at
one of the Parker County Peach Festivals.

I no longer traipse from vendor to vendor at the Festival, but I used to enjoy seeing each booth. I've helped with several of them. I've baked peach cobbler for one organization to sell by the bowl. Another time I helped serve peach ice cream for the church. One year, I organized the Old Fiddler’s Contest. It isn’t called that because the participants were old men or women, but the idea of fiddlers as part of a Texas county event is an old, old tradition. 

Book one of ten

By the way, if you enjoy cozy mysteries, Livia J. Washburn writes a delightful series containing peach-themed books that are set in Parker County. Livia also writes as Livia Reasoner and with Cheryl Pierson owns Prairie Rose Publications. In addition to writing under both her names, to editing and creating covers for Prairie Rose, Livia edits her husband James Reasoner's books. She has a bunch of pets and is active in family care. I don't know what she does in her spare time. ☺

Usually (in any season) I can be found indoors in my nice air-conditioned, pink-walled office sitting at the computer and keying in words like crazy. If you read this blog regularly, you are aware that I just released LORRAINE, Bride Brigade book six. Thank you to those who’ve bought this book! If you haven’t purchased it, you can do so at this link: (Hint, hint.)

My current project is another in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Series for Kindle Worlds, SNARE HIS HEART. Skhye Moncrief has designed the cover except for the title linking my series about ranchers within Debra’s series. The reason is I have just come up with a series name, Loving a Rancher Series.  What do you think? Does that work? I am loving this new story and will be eager to learn your reaction on July 15 when it’s released. 

SNARE YOUR HEART'S hero is scarred from his attempt to save his late wife from their burning home. His scars don't show on the cover because they're on the right side of his face and body. Because of the puckered reminders of the fire, he avoids people he fears will be shocked by his appearance, Yet, he needs a wife to care for his three children, to cook, and to clean. She will also need to teach the children because they’re too far for daily trips to and from school in Sweetwater Springs. Not a romantic start, but the heroine sorts him out by the end of the book—as you knew she would. Those spunky heroines always win their man's heart, don't they?

Amazon has a 99 cent sale during June on several of the Kindle Worlds books. You can get the entire list at Mine on sale are THE RANCHER AND THE SHEPHERDESS and BRIDE'S ADVENTURE. You'll find them listed on Debra's website and on my Amazon author page at While you're at my author page, please click follow. You'll be notified whenever I have a new release or there's a sale on one of my books.

I hope you'e enjoying the weather wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by today!

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