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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I’m excited to announce that DANIEL McCLINTOCK is now available for preorder and will be released on Valentine’s Day. Preorder your copy now at

Valentine Contest
Beginning February 1 through 14, any comment you leave on this blog will count as an entry for the contest regardless of the post. I’ll be giving away a box of swag that will include, of course, a box of chocolates. What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate?

In McCLINTOCK’S RELUCTANT BRIDE, Daniel was left paralyzed from the waist down. His book, DANIEL McCLINTOCK, opens two years later.

The blurb:
A compassionate woman…
Clara Van Hoosan entered training when she finished school at sixteen. Now, at twenty-two, she is one of the best heilgymnast in the new field of mechanotherapy, the precursor to modern physical therapy. When her supervisor receives a request for someone to travel to Texas in America and help a patient, Clara is pleased to accept. On her arrival in McClintock Falls, she is surprised that the patient she thought would be a teenage boy is a very handsome man her age.
A desperate man…
Two years ago Daniel McClintock was paralyzed from the waist down. He is deeply discouraged and wonders if he is bound to live his life an invalid. Each week he becomes more depressed although not idle. He keeps books for the ranch and paints landscapes with sales donated to the church. The local doctor learns of a new type of treatment developed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Daniel can’t go there, so his family writes for a therapist trained in the new treatment to come to them.
A surprise arrives…
Everyone is expecting a man when Clara Van Hoosan arrives. As she and Daniel work together, they become attracted. She believes his is the normal attachment a patient feels toward a therapist and will fade once he’s healed. She tries to hide her feelings for him. Daniel knows she’s The One if only he can convince her to remain in McClintock Falls when a lucrative job offer arrives.

The Excerpt:
“You’re not serious!” Daniel’s glare chilled Clara as he assessed her head to toe and back up. “You said a man was arriving. You think I’m going to work with this… woman?”
He looked away and made a dismissive wave with his hand. “Forget it and get her out of here.”
Kathryn offered Clara a helpless expression then left the room.
Clara stepped forward, forcing herself to assume her professional demeanor. She had faced this reaction before, but this was so much more important. As much as she longed to help anyone in his position, this man also represented her chance to establish herself in America.
“Daniel, I am here to help you learn to walk again. I have a contract and have moved into the room next door, so you might as well get used to having me here.”
His blue eyes were glacial. “I. Said. Get. Out.”
As if he hadn’t spoken, she continued, “I have completed courses in teaching, nursing, and mechanotherapy and have helped dozens of people like you recover the use of their limbs. One of your workers has gone to the rail depot to claim my trunks. Inside two of them I have equipment which I will assemble here in your room.”
He threw a book at her but it landed at her feet. “I am not letting you near me.”
She picked up the book, glanced at the title. “Hmm, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I have wanted to read this. Thank you.” She laid it on the washstand.
“Give me my damned book.”
She smiled but didn’t return the tome. “But, you gave it to me.”
“You know very well I didn’t.” Using his arms and hands, he pushed up higher on his pillows. “You deliberately mislead us by using your initials instead of your first name.”
She widened her eyes and blinked at him. “Oh? I believe it is customary to use initials in business correspondence.”
He crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t give me that innocent expression. You knew we thought you were a man—which is what you intended. I’m not having a woman working on me.”
Clara tapped a finger against her cheek. “I was under the impression your mother has been working with you to insure your leg muscles do not deteriorate. You were not adverse to her and she is a woman.”
“That’s different.”
“She faces prejudice because she is a woman healer so I would think you, as her son who is aware of this, would be more tolerant of other women healers.”
“What she does is entirely different than what you supposedly do.”
“Not so. Each of us does our best to help people. In spite of your low opinion of me, I am going to be helping you for some time. I will be in early tomorrow to help you get ready for the day. After breakfast, I will begin assembling my equipment. You will find it fascinating. For now, good evening.” She picked up the book and carried it with her.
He yelled after her, “Bring me back my damned book!”
She smiled to herself as she walked to her room. She thought she had come out best in that round. Tomorrow would begin round two.

I hope you’ll preorder DANIEL McCLINTOCK. I love the way a preordered book pops into my Kindle the day of release—like magic. 


Karen said...

I was hoping that I would see the link foe Daniel's story. I will be pre ordering your book. Thank you, Karen Chubb Mink

Carol L. said...

I loved this excerpt. I'm intrigued now. I will definitely have to read the other books to catch up. Thank you for the excerpt.
Carol Luciano
Lucky4750 at aol dot com

Rita Wray said...

I enjoyed the excerpt. The book sounds great.

Susanti Kim said...

what an intriguing read. Thanks for the excerpt 💛

Nancy said...

I've read one in this series and really enjoyed it.

Jackie Wisherd said...

The book sounds interesting. I think I woukd enjoy reading it.

Alisa Boisclair said...

Love the blurb, and the cover.

Sandra Brown said...

I am I reordering on the 2nd. Valentine's Day without chocolate is just another day.

Sharon Guagliardo said...

I love that excerpt. It sounds so good. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Caroline Clemmons has reintroduced me to contemporary and enjoying it. The first being Angel for Christmas. Now I'm reading this series. Way cool. Marcia Montoya

Cheryl Pompilii said...

As we all know Valentine chocolate has NO calories!

Sharon Guagliardo said...

Added to my wish list on Amazon.

Sharon Guagliardo said...

Pre-ordered. Thank you.

Lori Byrd said...

Sounds so good.

Sharon Guagliardo said...

Thank you for the chance to win.

Sharon Guagliardo said...

I love cats too. I have two rescues, Tony and Teddi, that I got when they were about a week old when their mother brought them to me. Their mother died about 2 years ago, and the babies are now over 21 years old!

mama k said...

Daniel's story sounds amazing. Chocolate is also amazing.

Sharon Guagliardo said...

I can't wait to start reading this. The 14th can't come fast enough.