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So many people have asked when Daniel McClintock’s book will be released. I’m happy to say that DANIEL McCLINTOCK will be published in just a few weeks. This is book four in the McClintock series. The first one, THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE, is perma-free at  In the meantime, here’s a bit about Daniel.

Daniel is the youngest son of Kathryn and Austin McClintock. In the story, two years ago (in book three, McCLINTOCK’S RELUCTANT BRIDE, he was riding when Bob Tyson shot his horse, Scout. When they fell, Daniel was pinned under Scout with his back on a sharp rock. He was left paralyzed from the waist down. Brother Josh’s valiant efforts to get him home prevented more damage. 

Daniel’s mother is an herbal healer and midwife. In addition to using herbs, she has massaged his legs daily to keep the limbs from deteriorating. No one has been able to keep Daniel hopeful. Understandably, his personality has changed from shy and sweet to grumpy and depressed.

Through the efforts of the family doctor, John Sullivan, a new treatment method has been discovered. Through his efforts, a practitioner of that method has arrived in McClintock Falls, Texas to help Daniel. Her name is Clara Van Hoosan and she is from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Clara has trained and worked as a heilgymnast and mechanotherapist, which is what physical therapists were called in the 1880s. Clara has had success treating paralysis patients. She’ll be living with Daniel's family until he’s walking or has progressed as far as she can help him.

Daniel does not want a woman working with him. Unfortunately, he can do very little about the subject. He is, after all, a captive of his body. And, Clara has a contract guaranteeing her a room, meals, and a small salary. 

Here’s an excerpt of their first meeting. Clara has already asked the other members of the household not to intercede between her and Daniel:

Clara followed Kathryn to the room next door. When she entered, she stopped and stared. Daniel wasn’t a boy as she imagined—he was a man her age or older, And, as handsome as any man she’d ever seen--if he would but smile.
Kathryn introduced them to one another.
Daniel’s glare chilled Clara as he assessed her head to toe and back up. “You’re not serious! You said a man was arriving. You think I’m going to work with this… woman?” He dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “Forget it and get her out of here.”
Kathryn offered Clara a helpless expression then left the room.
Clara stepped forward, forcing herself to assume her professional demeanor. She had faced this reaction before, but this was so much more important. While she wanted to help anyone she could, this man also represented her chance to establish herself in America.
“Daniel, I am here to help you learn to walk again. I have a contract and have moved into the room next door, so you might as well get used to having me here.”
His blue eyes were glacial. “I. Said. Get. Out.”
As if he hadn’t spoken, she continued, “I have completed courses in mechanotherapy and have helped dozens of people like you recover the use of their limbs. One of your workers has gone to the rail depot to claim my trunks. Inside two of them I have equipment which I will assemble here in your room.”
He threw a book at her but it landed at her feet. “I am not letting you near me.”
She picked up the book, glanced at the title. “Hmm, I have wanted to read this. Thank you.” She laid it on the washstand.
“Give me my damned book.”
She smiled but didn’t return the tome. “But, you gave it to me.”
“You know very well I didn’t.” Using his arms and hands, he pushed up higher on his pillows. “You deliberately mislead us by using your initial instead of your first name.”
She widened her eyes and blinked at him. “Oh? I believe it is customary to use initials in business correspondence.”
He crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t give me that innocent expression. You knew we thought you were a man, as you intended. I’m not having a woman working on me.”
Clara tapped a finger against her cheek. “I was under the impression your mother has been working with you to insure your leg muscles did not deteriorate. You were not adverse to her, yet she is a woman.”
He crossed muscular arms over his wide chest. “That’s different.”
“She faces prejudice because she is a healer so I would think you, as her son who is aware of this, would be more tolerant of other women.”
“What she does is entirely different than what you supposedly do.”
“Not so. Each of us does our best to help people. In spite of your low opinion of me, I am going to be helping you for some time. I will be in early tomorrow to help you get ready for the day. After breakfast, I will begin assembling my equipment. You will find it fascinating. For now, good evening.” She reclaimed the book and carried it with her.
He yelled after her, “Bring me back my damned book.”
She smiled to herself as she walked to her room. She thought she had come out best in that round. Tomorrow would begin round two.

Don't you love the cover? I do! Skhye Moncrief created the design.

By the way, book two of the series is FINN'S TEXAS BRIDE

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