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I’m celebrating the release of MELODY, Angel Creek Christmas Brides book 7 today! This book was so much fun to research and write. It is quite a bit different but I like it. I hope you will. MELODY is available at the Universal Amazon link of and it’s also in KU and is available in print.

Angel Creek is in Montana but all the brides in this series are from Charleston, South Carolina. In the Civil War, Charleston was one of the hardest hit cities in the South. Many homes were destroyed—including Melody’s—and finances were in a mess. If the young soldiers even tried to return home, they found nothing was left for them. Most of the single men set out for the West. As a result, no marriageable men were available for the women in the South. Those who'd held onto their home and land during the war were faced with high taxes and no money to pay them. 

In 2018 releases, five of those women answered an advertisement for mail-order brides for one town, Angel Creek, Montana. That meant they could marry and still have friends near, an irresistible opportunity. Fortunately, their unions were successful.  Julia, one of last year’s brides, wrote her friends in Charleston that more men wanted wives. She invited her friends to come to Angel Creek. Six of them accepted the invitation for the 2019 releases: Caroline, Melody, Elizabeth, Emma, Viola, and Ginger.

What would you have done? There were few options for a woman of middle to upper classes. Remain at home and become a spinster? The only acceptable jobs were to become a governess or a lady’s companion (nice term for a fancy maid) or possibly a schoolteacher. The alternative was to take a chance and marry a man you didn’t know. I think I’d have taken the chance, especially on the second group. After all, their friends in Montana would help them choose nice men.

Melody cared for her Nana Fraser, who suffered from dementia and madness. Nana thought Melody was trying to poison her and announced that suspicion to anyone who'd listen. As a result, Melody is accused by many of murdering her grandmother once Nana has passed. Rumors abound and Melody fears prosecution even though she's innocent.

Once she's in Angel Creek, Melody goes head to head with a Blackfoot chief in order to protect his injured daughter. Melody and her doctor husband Nick Walker work together to save the girl's life in spite of interference--then cooperation--from the girl's father. How would you react if you opened your door and met this man with five of his braves in war paint?

Blackfoot Chief

Melody presents a brave face as she welcomes the six men to her home. Inside, she is anything but calm! She and her husband, Doctor Nick Walker, handle the situation with the help of their friend, Sheriff Quinn Cassidy. Fortunately, Quinn speaks the Blackfoot language well enough to communicate.

After years of deprivation, Melody is pleased to have a home with plenty of food and secure locks on the doors. She has almost everything she wants. Her husband is still in love with his late wife who died in the war. How can Melody compete with a memory? 

Each of the Angel Creek Christmas Brides is a stand-alone book and all are sweet romances. Once you’ve read one, I believe (hope) you’ll want to read the entire series. CAROLINE and MELODY have been released and the other four are available for preorder. I love preorder because you select it and then later—poof!—it pops up on your e-reader as if by magic! 

Preorders are like magic!

So you don’t miss any of this series, here are all of the buy links:

CAROLINE, by Lily Graison was released on November 1.

MELODY, by Caroline Clemmons or the universal link and is released today. Hooray!

ELIZABETH, by Jo Grafford, will be released on November 15

EMMA, by Peggy McKenzie will be released on November 22.

VIOLA, by Cyndi Raye will be released on November 29.

GINGER, by Sylvia McDaniel will be released on December 6.

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