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All aboard the Love Train ...

I have a cover reveal for you! SAMANTHA: SWEET HISTORICAL WESTERN ROMANCE, LOVE TRAIN SERIES, BOOK 5) went up for preorder today. It will be released on June 1st and available in e-book, in print, and will be in Kindle Unlimited. To whet your appetite, here’s the blurb:

A woman running for her life…

A man determined to save her…

A terrible scheme to trap her...

Samantha Hayes didn’t intend to eavesdrop. She was merely getting a breath of fresh air when she heard her fiancé reveal his plot to end her life soon after they wed. He needed her fortune, but he had no intention of being bound to a woman who limped. She had only agreed to marry him due to her uncle’s pleading. Now she knew the truth and she vowed she would disappear.

Pinkerton Agent Kent Butler has been hired by Samantha’s aunt to find her. He follows her to Council Bluffs, where she boards the Union Pacific heading west. He sends a wire to the person who hired him, and then buys his ticket to join Samantha. Kent counts himself lucky when the conductor suggests Kent sit next to Samantha. Kent hadn’t counted on the two of them falling in love almost instantly. As the train chugs toward North Platte, Kent discovers the woman who hired him had deceived him. He has no intention of taking Samantha back to her aunt.

When her ex-fiancé and his henchmen show up, she’s terrified. Can she escape again? Can Kent protect her?

So you won’t forget later, preorder your copy today at

Don’t you love preorder? You select the book and later, Poof!, it magically appears in your e-reader or phone on release day.


I’ve copied my daughters and have started reading e-books more on my phone because of the convenience. I keep my phone with me all the time anyway, so that’s one less thing to carry. It’s always handy then if I have a few minutes to wait for an appointment.

The Love Train Series covers are each designed by Charlene Raddon and her Silver Sage Cover Designs. Each features the heroine in the foreground with the Union Pacific Engine 1216 in the background. The conductor in the background is Henry, a supporting character in each of the books. He is a sweet man who loves playing matchmaker and offering sage advice.

I chose my heroine because she has on a purple travel suit, one of my favorite colors, and you can see a portion of her face. Pam's heroine and mine have similar clothes and poses, but are very different characters! I love the softness of Shanna's cover. Actually, I believe Charlene did a lovely job on each of the covers.

Another supporting character is Scruffy, who is Willie, the baggage handler's dog. You can imagine he gets into some scrapes with the couples!



Don’t forget the other books of this fun series. Have you read CHRISTIANA, by Pam Crooks yet? If not, you are missing a treat. I loved reading the first book in this series and following Christiana and Holt’s story. If you’ve missed it, get it here    


Today, HENLEY, by Shanna Hatfield, will release as book two in the series. Don’t miss it, either. I haven’t read HENLEY yet, but it’s on my weekend reading schedule. Get your copy here:

Be sure to leave a review please. They’re so important to authors and helpful to other readers. As you can probably guess, one book in the series will be released on the 1st and 15th of each month until the series ends.

Stay safe and keep reading!  

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