Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Finding Providence Box Set by Jill Burrell


Finding Providence Box Set
by Jill Burrell
Christian Romance

Finding Providence Box Set 

Few people come to Providence on purpose, but a series of unfortunate events leads three women to the small town, where the men of Providence help and protect them. In this series of faith-promoting stories, the newcomers to this quaint town realize there are no accidents, only Providence. 

It's Complicated: An Opposites Attract Office Romance (Finding Providence Prequel) 

He’s an over-achieving perfectionist. She doesn’t tolerate bossy men. They must work together on the biggest project of their careers. 


Rescued: A Small-Town Single Mom, Single Dad Romance (Finding Providence Book 1) 

She's a destitute, single mother running from her past. He's a grieving widower fighting his demons. Can they stop running and fighting long enough to let love heal their hearts? 


Refuge: A Small-Town Cowboy Romance (Finding Providence Book 2) 

A busy rancher. An injured woman in danger. Can he keep her safe until her memory returns?  

Reclaim: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (Finding Providence Book 3) 

A small-town sheriff. An abused woman. A psychotic husband intent on getting her back. 



Author Bio 

Jill has always been an avid reader, and romance has always been her favorite genre. If she’s not writing or folding laundry her head is usually in a book. 

When her father told her, “I’ve got a story I want you to write,” she didn’t think she’d ever actually do it. But after twenty years of being a stay-at-home mom with seven children, the idea of writing and publishing a book sounded less terrifying than entering the workforce again. Boy, was she wrong! 

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