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By Caroline Clemmons


Don’t you love the new cover for DESPERATE IN DELAWARE? To celebrate the new cover, the ebook is on sale for 99¢ from January 20th to midnight January 26th. You’ll find there is also a print version, and the book is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

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I love writing anytime, but especially when the story is set in Texas, my home state. Of course, not every man in Texas is tall, dark, and handsome. Those in my books are, though, and so is my personal hero, my husband. I even call him Hero when I talk about him. Hero fits him in many ways!

DESPERATE IN DELAWARE is set in a part of North Central Texas that I find particularly interesting. Hero and I went on a couple of the Palo Pinto County Historical Society Tours. We loved them. A couple of places on the tour have become sites in several of my historical western romances.


About the Book


Mina Fae Stapleton vows she will wait no longer! Since her parents’ death she’s been living with her sister’s family. She helps care for her sister’s home and her sister’s adorable children. But, she wonders when she’ll have her own husband and children. There is not even one eligible man near her age in her small town. She can’t avoid hearing the snickers and hurtful remarks—old maid, spinster, on the shelf. When her cousin sends her a newspaper clipping from a Yours Truly: The Lovelorn’s column, she is surprised when the letter to the columnist reads as if she had written it. That’s the catalyst she needs—she decides to follow the Lovelorn’s advice and change her location. She goes to Texas to visit her cousin. She refuses to watch her life disappear until she’s left with only regrets!

Austin Wright hates to admit he’s lonely. He wants a wife and children, but there’s always time—isn’t there? At the urging of Mina Fae Stapleton’s cousin, he attends a party given to welcome Mina to Texas. At the party, he realizes he has to speak quickly or lose his chance with Mina Fae.

Nothing is that easy. Misguided miners threaten not only Austin’s ranch, but all those below the supposed gold mine. Austin tries to convince the two men there’s no gold, but their avarice has convinced them to take dangerous measures. Will he be able to reason with them in time?




After a harrowing stagecoach ride, they arrived at Palo Pinto. When the stage stopped, she waited until the other passengers stepped out before she climbed down. There was Cindy to greet her. The tall man with Cindy must be her husband, Bert Kennedy.

Cindy ran forward and hugged her. “I’m so glad you’re here. I know you’re exhausted but I promise you’ll be glad you’ve come.”

Mina laughed with pleasure at seeing her cousin once more. “I hope so because I’ll never ride that stage again. Well, not for a while anyway.” She stood on tiptoe to accept Bert’s kiss to her cheek.

“I’m happy to finally meet you.” He grinned at her. “We left the twins with our housekeeper so we’d better load your trunks and get home before she gives notice.”

Bert called to a tall man standing nearby. “Austin, make yourself useful and give me a hand with this luggage.”

The man, who wasn’t bad looking, gave her a long scan from head to toe and back up, then stared from the pile of luggage back to her. “You plan on opening a store or did you just bring everything you ever owned?”

Austin Wright

She started to give him the sharp side of her tongue but Cindy interrupted.

“Miss Mina Faye Stapleton, this is our good friend, Austin Wright. Austin, Mina is my favorite cousin and she’s moving to Palo Pinto.”

Mina’s pique evaporated. She laughed and nudged Cindy. “Are you still stealing my line? I’m the one who only has one cousin while you have two.”

She sobered and glared at the rude man. “How do you do, Mr. Wright?”

“I do fine, Miss Stapleton. Good thing I’m here. Bert could have killed himself if he’d tried to load these trunks alone.”

As if the man hadn’t left Mina aghast with his latest rudeness, Cindy linked arms with Mina’s. “Let’s leave them to their job and walk to the house. It’s only a short way.”


Stay safe and keep reading!


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